Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Heavy Load

Are you like me? When you've been grocery shopping and you bring the bags home you try to make as few trips as possible into the house so you load yourself up so you can barely move, let alone open the door and then as soon as you get to the kitchen you drop them and feel the serious sense of relief and your arms have marks on them from carrying such a heavy load?!? 
I must say I do appreciate it much more when there is someone to help me unload the groceries, it makes the process so much more enjoyable and I feel much less dreadful on the drive home knowing I have help waiting for me. 
Kinda like life and I was reminded of that today, life is so much brighter and enjoyable when we have someone who can walk along side us and help us carry our burdens and worries. 
So when I came across this verse today "God cares for you, let Him carry all your burdens and worries" it immediately created for me the picture of carrying an extreme amount of groceries on my own into my house, struggling with the door, struggling with my balance, falling up the stairs, pain on my arms and an overall feeling of ick, wishing my family was around to help me. 
It was as if He was saying to me, 'Louise this is you every day, carrying the stuff of life; the worries about your future, your kids, your marriage, your friendships, the health of those around you, your finances... Louise your list is long, let me help you. Let me lift those burdens off your arms, off your shoulders, let me carry your worries.'  As I mentally take them one by one and hand them over I am filled with a sense of release, a sense of peace, a sense of hope that He really cares and the spaces of my heart that were overwhelmed were being overwhelmed by His love and His peace. 
I know myself and I know I can much too easily forget that He is there and go back to picking up the heavy load, I need to be reminded again and again that I am not alone, that I was never meant to carry these things on my own and that His will for me is to be in perfect peace. 
So it is a process of asking and believing that He is there and releasing my cares and worries second by second, minute by minute.  
Friends I know I am not alone we all have stuff we are facing, things we are trying to overcome, things we are believing for and yet right here in this moment He is also saying to you...Give it all to me, I love you, I see you, I care for you and I want to help you, you do not need to do this alone....
So who is with me today? Let's lay these things down. 
~Thank you God for your peace, your hope, your joy, your contentment and your love, I give you all the spaces of my heart and mind that are tired, weary, broken and worried and thank you for carrying them for me with your tenderness and grace. When I am tempted to pick them up again remind me of your perfect love which casts out all fear and remind me that you are always with me and have promised to never leave me!! In Jesus name..Amen

Love you friends!!! 


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Perfectly Imperfect

Forget the filters, forget waiting for the perfect bathing suit body...the perfect body is yours in your bathing suit! 

My girlie took these pictures of me two days ago on the shores of PEI and yep there is a ton of cellulite, crazy veins and lots of stuff jiggles but there is also a smile, an experience and a memory that was made with my girlie that I will treasure forever!!

This body is far from perfect and yes I am guilty of beating myself up about things I don't like about it but I've realized it's also amazing. This body has carried me 40 years, it gets worked out regularly, it's strong, gives pretty awesome hugs, it is fed well, sometimes enjoys the sweets a bit too much but overall it's pretty fantastic! 

I am thankful for this perfectly imperfect vessel that has carried me this far!!

I just want to encourage you to get out there friends! Absolutely take care of what you've got, workout and eat well but also GO...GO make the memories right now, don't waste another moment waiting until you feel good enough!!!!

If you are a young person stop beating yourself up comparing yourself to what a magazine cover calls beautiful, you ARE beautiful, you are young and vibrant, celebrate that!! 

If you are a mama don't let your kids remember you as the parent who was hiding, waiting for the perfect bathing suit body when all they wanted was for you to play and make a memory with them...I know I have been so guilty of that in the past!! The struggle is real, but I can reassure you, your kids love you, every glorious inch of you no matter how big or small you are and they don't see size, they see love and that my friends is beautiful!

No matter what age you are get out there, smile, laugh, enjoy the life you've been given, you've got one chance to give it all you've got!! 

You are beautiful, you are wonderful, you are uniquely you, you are enough, there will never ever be another you and that makes you pretty darn special and don't you forget it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Monday, June 05, 2017

The White Dandelion

What a field of dandelions gone to seed taught me.....
The life cycle of a dandelion is that a leaf grows, then a bud, then a pretty yellow flower grows and then turns white which means it's seed ready to be carried by the wind and planted then the plant dies once all the seeds are released.
The part that stood out to me in particular was the seeds ready to be carried by the wind to be planted.
You and I, every single one of us are like that white dandelion and we are planting seeds daily, everywhere we go, everyone we come in contact with we plant a seed, now unlike this plant which is considered a weed we decide what we plant....we can plant goodness, kindness, love, joy, patience, peace, abundance, gratefulness, thankfulness OR we can plant fear, doubt, anger, bitterness, resentment, discord, turmoil, hatred, jealousy to name just a few.
As I stared at the field of thousands of seeds ready to be spread I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with gratitude to those who have planted the seeds of kindness, unconditional love, patience and joy into my life and also be keenly aware of the ability I have to spread good seeds wherever I go!!
Friends, NEVER underestimate the power you have just by being you and by spreading good seeds wherever you go.
You DO have the ability to be the change wherever YOU are! You may never see what the seed grows into but how can you go wrong by spreading goodness and love wherever you are!!
Tough question to ask yourself maybe but....When you come around do people scatter or gather??
I am the first to admit I have A LOT of growing to do and yet when I come to the end of my life and all the seeds I have been given are spread my prayer is that people felt valued, accepted and loved unconditionally when they were around me and the good seeds I planted far outweighed the bad!!
Happy Monday friends!!
❤️You are loved!! ❤️

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Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Love in the Wind

Decided to get my lazy butt out of bed this morning and go for a walk in the wee hours of the morning.
I walk along a very private road, this allows for my own private dance party to the Latino beats pumping in my ears, this would definitely be interesting should someone catch me. As I walked/danced/squated and lunged I worked up a bit of a sweat and decided to turn and face the wind to allow the wind to cool me off.
I stood there arms and legs spread out, "starfish like" and had random thoughts above love.
Like I know God loves me but sometimes I don't "feel" it when I had this thought come to my mind..."Louise the wind is blowing over every part of your body, the hair on your head is wrapped in it, your arms, your legs everything is feeling the wind that is how my love wraps around you, even when the wind stops, my presence does not and my love does not, I am in the growth of the trees, the rustle of the leaves, the chirping of the birds, the smile of a loved one, the laughter of a child...keep your head up, keep looking I am continually surrounding you with my love whether you feel it or not!!!"
How many need that reminder today? Obviously I did.
I can so easily forget that I am truly surrounded by a never ending love. You are too my friend!!
If you need the reminder today step outside, spread your arms wide, face to the wind and let the wind wash over you and feel how close that love is, it's enveloping you, surrounding you every moment of every single day whether you feel it or not but today I pray you do feel it, even if for a moment!!!
Love you friends!!!

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lessons In the Dirt Pile

There is currently 30 yards of dirt on my driveway that needs to be transferred one wheelbarrow at a time to the back yard. If anyone is figuring it out that is approximately 280 wheelbarrows full.
To say this is a bit of a job is an understatement.
Got me thinking about life and how we all have piles, piles that aren't where they should be that need to be cleaned up. Piles like resentment, bitterness, extra weight, addiction, self doubt, insecurity, .....When we look at the mess as a whole it can get overwhelming and feel hopeless.
Yet it starts with one wheelbarrow, filling it up and moving it, then another and another, it may take a while before we see any change to the pile but it is happening.
Asking for help isn't a bad thing either, when we are able to open up to our close circle of friends they are able to come alongside us and help us in our mess and offer encouragement, love and support and move a few wheelbarrows of our mess with their love.
The best thing about all this is that our piles are never useless, just like the huge pile on my driveway will become the base to which beautiful grass will be grown in our yard and space for friends and family to enjoy, our messes can become the beautiful, fertile soil for something amazing to grow out of and share with those around us. There is always hope in the midst of our messes!!!
How many of us need to start filling our wheelbarrows?
I know I do and I hope I can offer you a bit of love and encouragement you need to start filling your wheelbarrow!!
I love you friends!!!!!!
I hope you feel loved today and always!

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Choose Kindness

I had a moment at work this past week, I had a very difficult guest who was upset and proceeded take it all out on me, as she walked away I choked back tears because "you just can't cry Louise you gotta be tough, this stuff happens all the time".
Then I had the nicest gentleman step up.
He proceeded to show such immense kindness and apologize for how the lady in front of him acted and well I couldn't hold it back and I burst into tears....yes, not my finest nor most professional moment, I honestly felt like a fool.
Yet in all this I was taught an incredibly valuable lesson.
This man had the same opportunity to be upset. His circumstances were very similar to the other guest and yet he chose to deal in kindness.
Oh sure he was disappointed but his response was vastly different.
We all have times where we are hurt, disappointed and may feel as though a situation is very unjust yet we can choose our response.
We choose how we treat others in our disappointment and rejection and every single interaction.
In that moment I felt I was not broken by harshness & rudeness but rather I was broken by kindness, the kindness of a complete stranger.
Choose kindness today and always, the impact you may make in that one moment you may never fully know but you can walk away knowing you chose good!
Praying you feel blessed, loved, accepted and cherished this Good Friday!! Love you friends!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Grace In Not Knowing

I was thinking about my kids the other day when I had these thoughts;
•there was a time when I picked them up in my arms for the last time
•I kissed an owey all better for the last time
•I read them a bedtime story for the last time
•I bathed them for the last time
• I rocked them to sleep for the last time
•I cleaned up their toys for the last time
•they held onto the shopping cart and my hand in the busy parking lot for the last time
•they needed help in the bathroom, getting dressed, getting something from the counter or fridge for the very last time
.....the list truly goes on and on.

The point is all these lasts went by without fanfare, without all the attention the firsts got.
The more I thought about it the more emotional I got.
Here's why, what if in those last moments I was completely aware of it being the last?! I probably would have not only been a complete blubbering mess but I would have lingered in that moment a lot longer, I may have held on a bit tighter, snuggled a bit closer and the truth of the matter is I probably would never have let go!!!!
Herein lies the grace of not knowing the lasts are upon us and go by without us really taking notice, it's in those exact moments we have begun the process of letting our children go, grow and become all they were created to be without it being a big traumatic experience for both of us.
As parents we want our children to grow, expand their world and become all that they are called to be and with each little and big last we are guiding them to just that and letting them go little by little.
The key for me as I was thinking about this, and not letting it overwhelm me, was the reminder to cherish the moments I have with them, to enjoy them and not wish them away to the next stage...sleeping through the night, no diapers, walking, toddler, teenager, they can drive, graduation, adult...poof they are gone...enjoy every little moment.
Let's not waste a moment wishing away the stage we are in, instead take notice of the little to big people they are becoming, uniquely loved individuals here for a purpose. Cherish them, encourage them, laugh with them, enjoy them and hold them close even if it's just for a moment before they wiggle out of your arms.
If we are fortunate enough to watch them they grow to a ripe old age we will have many exciting firsts yet to come, to commemorate, to celebrate with many more moments and memories to share!
No matter how old my children get they will always be pieces of my heart walking around outside of my body causing tremendous joy and yes sometimes pain....yet I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!
Have a great day friends!!
Enjoy your kidlets today 💕!!

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Memories that Haunt and Then Heal

Found this pic randomly on Keziah's phone camera roll. It's a cute one for sure. Kez and Noah dancing, Ez smiling in the background, she had it on there because she truly loves the relationship she has with her brother.
I asked each of them what they remembered about this day...
Kez remembers Noah reading her a book because they weren't in the ceremony because they couldn't sit still.
Ez doesn't remember much, he remembers the trip in general going to Nova Scotia but not this day.
Noah remembers it was uncle Garth's wedding, a happy day, not much else.
Here's what I remember....
It was the day of my brother in laws wedding, Conrad was in the wedding so he was busy with the wedding party all day. I was alone with the kids and getting them ready for this day, we were in Nova Scotia in a hotel room and they fought non stop, then they whined for me to go buy them toys which I had zero money to buy them, then they cried because they were tired and I LOST IT.... I freaked right out on them, I remember the moment so clearly and as soon as I did I thought...gosh I'm an awful mom...I cried, I felt horrible....why couldn't I keep it together, this was supposed to be a happy day. I thought for sure this moment would be imprinted forever in their young minds as "another moment mom lost it."
So when I saw this pic on Kez's phone and I remembered that moment and asked them their thoughts, you can imagine the relief I felt when all they saw and remembered was the joy they felt that day. This moment of Noah twirling Kez around and the big smile on her face.
Here's the thing mamas, we ALL make mistakes, we ALL have moments that we haven't been a shining example to our littles and we ALL have moments we wish we could do over.
Thank God littles have little memories, some of the biggest mistakes we make are when we they are little and we are exhausted, running on survival mode and feel like the days will never end.
I am here to encourage you that for the most part when they are in a home surrounded by love, they remember the good moments, they remember the moments you made them smile, laugh or when they felt nurtured and loved. The days may seem like they will never end, as they did for me with three kids so close together, but trust me when I say the years fly by and now I am hanging on to the precious years I have left with them in my home.
Treasure the moments, ask for forgiveness when you've failed, start when they are little, try your best to hang onto the moments you did good, the moments you extended love and grace because I can assure you there are many of those!!
So as this picture brings good, happy memories for each of my kids that is what I will hang onto.
I also know that wherever I lack, even when I do my best, when we trust in Him Jesus is faithful in making up the difference, after all He loves our children more than we ever could and knows them better than we ever will and knows just how to speak to their little hearts.
Hang in there tired and weary moms, the love you have for your kids will outshine the not so great moments!!!
Hugs friends and remember how incredibly loved you are here, today in this very moment!!!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Each Day is a Gift

Each day is a gift....

Hold it, treasure it, unwrap it & enjoy it.
It has an expiry it only lasts 24 hours = 1,440 minutes = 86,400 seconds.
You can't return it, so savour it.
Don't waste it worrying or dreading it away.
Breathe in the sacredness of this very moment, you will never see it again.
Notice the simple pleasures & beauty surrounding you; a smile, the giggle of a child, the beauty of a flower, the changing colours of the leaves, the soft breeze across your face, a warm hug from a friend, the beat of your favourite song or the wrinkles of age.
Tell people you love them, don't let the moment pass you by...if you feel it , show it, express it & share it!
Let go of what is holding you back...fear, guilt, anger or shame...let courage, forgiveness, strength & hope rise!
Every heartbeat, a new beginning, this is your day, your moment to be fully and completely you.
Finally in this day, in this very moment...KNOW you are loved!!
Love you friends!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lessons from Rex

My dog Rex was under the ottoman, one of his favourite places to be, I had moved it so it was closer to the couch so I could put my feet up.
When I was leaving the room he tried to climb out the bottom only to realize he would run out of room because it was against the couch, he couldn't move backwards or forwards, he was stuck. Rex just took one look at me and then Conrad, my hubby, with his one foot, lifted the ottoman and Rex was free.
I asked Conrad how easy was it to lift the ottoman, to which he replied that it was no problem at all.
Where am I going with this?!
See Conrad and I had just been having a discussion about our lives and the things we struggle with and how it can be incredibly frustrating and never ending and here our dog was struggling for a moment and we didn't hesitate to free him.
In that scene, to me, it was a reflection of all the things I struggle with, I try to move forward...nothing, so I try backward...nothing, and yet what I need to do is lift my eyes upward and trust the one who can do what I cannot and lift the heavy burden that is weighing me down.
Yes I may have gotten myself into that situation, yes I probably didn't look ahead to see if I could get out of it.
See here's the thing, just as we didn't hesitate to help out our dog because to us it wasn't even a thought our loving father feels the same way about us.
To him, lifting up the burden so we can experience freedom is what he does, it's his thing, if we let it be his thing. We don't need to beg, plead, whine and yelp all we need to do is turn our eyes upward and he is there to help us.
Our dog had complete trust and faith in us to free him from his struggle and it was as though I was being asked the same thing....'Louise do you trust me to help you and can I walk with you, carry this burden for you and give you real freedom?'
The struggle isn't the point, we all have them, we will all endure them on this planet, it's part of the journey, the point is we were NEVER MEANT TO STRUGGLE ALONE AND CARRY OUR BURDENS ALONE.....He wants to carry them for us and walk beside us each and every moment of every day and make a way for us where there seems to be none and we feel trapped.
He wants to heal the broken places of our hearts, restore our trust and faith in him to be our amazing trustworthy master. He is so in love with us and cares so much for us, he is good and he is love and he wants us to experience his love, always!
Trust is a very real struggle for me, will you join me in this journey of trusting him today as we release the burdens we've been carrying and turn our eyes upward and begin to trust him for real, true, lasting freedom?!!

“Praise the Lord, who carries our burdens day after day; he is the God who saves us.”
Psalm 68:19

“Look at the birds: they do not sow seeds, gather a harvest and put it in barns; yet your Father in heaven takes care of them! Aren't you worth much more than birds?”
Matthew 6:26

Have an awesome Tuesday!
Love you friends! ❤️

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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Some Back to School Love

A little something I wrote for my two youngest heading back to school this week......

*Stand out for kindness.
*Be known for encouraging others.
*Compete only with yourself, become a better version of yourself...everyone is unique and everyone is on their own journey, competition with others only leads to emptiness.
*Be a leader, stand up to the bullies, champion the under dog, find someone who looks lost or may be hurting and show them you care.
*There is always room for one more, don't be the great somebody, include everyone.
*Choose your close friends wisely, they frame your immediate future by the choices you make each day.
*Respect your teachers, listen, you don't have to agree with everything it doesn't give you a right to be rude. Rudeness and disrespect are never the right choices.
*Don't be afraid to ask questions and do your work diligently.
*You will be bombarded with "not good enough" whether it's clothing, style, size, looks, smarts, athleticism, charm....fight against it with all you've got, you ARE enough simply by being you!
No one can be you,
no one is you,
there is only one you!
So shine!!
Be fully and completely you and never let anyone dictate who YOU is!!
*School isn't simply to learn all you can, socialize with your friends and leave, school is a place where you can grow, be challenged and make an impact! Leave every day knowing that in some small way you made a difference!!
Be a difference maker every single day!
*Watch your tongue, it has the power to wound, to hurt and to maim or it has the power to heal, bring life and speak love!
Gossip KILLS, it may be tempting to get the juicy scoop, but walk away, don't take part instead CHOOSE TO SPEAK WORDS OF LIFE!!
*Look into each day as an adventure, choose to seek and find positive in every day, dwell on the good and don't focus on the negative.
*****Finally love the life you live, it's yours to enjoy, yours to walk and yours to navigate! You are never without hope and you are never alone, you are loved, unconditionally, completely and securely....your worth can never be defined by what others may think of you but it is determined by the one who made you and you are worth more than anything this world has to offer, even the purest of gold...never forget that!!!!!


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For Noah

Noah on this the eve of you heading off to University this mama heart is expectant, reluctant and expanding with love for you and what you will discover.
Some words for you as you head off to University this week:
*Throw off the weight of other peoples' expectation and step boldly into the future uniquely created and planned just for you.
*Don't let this world shape you, shape it by being you!!!!
*Share that smile with people you meet, it's a treasure that was never meant to be hidden.
*Kindness shines, be kind, always.
*Learn, grow, don't be afraid to ask questions and never set limits on yourself.
*Discover the dreams hidden and evolving in each day and moment.
*Though sometimes things may look different than originally planned, trust that you are never without hope and there is a plan even in change.
*Work hard and never give up.
*"Becoming a man" is a journey you've already been on, one that has been paved with kindness, love and respect you've already shown to the people in your life. Continue on that road, respect others and respect yourself. Champion the women in your life, they are a priceless treasure not an object of desire. Stand out for being a gentleman, for honouring and for integrity, in every area of your life.
*Life is a continuous journey of ups and downs, be fully alive for it all, don't trade reality for a high or a drink, live in such a way that you always remember the words you've spoken and the actions you've taken.
*Make time for fun, for that which makes you laugh, for that which fills you with joy, peace and contentment!
*You may have moments where you fail but that does not define you nor make you a failure, you have what it takes to rise to every occasion and become all that you were created to be!
*Never forget that above ALL ELSE you are loved infinitely, eternally and unconditionally by the King of Kings and His plans for you are good, they are above all you could even dream or
imagine. Listen to that still, small voice in every decision you make, the big and the small and you will be guided into your very own adventure on this journey that is your life!
***Be BOLD!
***Be BRAVE!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Beautiful Mess We Call Life!

Sometimes I get really frustrated with myself when I bake, although I enjoy it I usually end up with a mess, yet the end result of the delicious mouth watering yumminess that comes from the oven is all worth it.
What if we looked at life like that?
What if we allowed ourselves to see our lives as a work in progress and be okay with that?
What if we didn't define ourselves by the mess we sometimes find ourselves in but rather what it was producing inside of us?
What if the mess was indication of a greater picture something we don't see immediately but rather a process of movement towards something beautiful and something to be enjoyed?
What if in the midst of the mess we could still lean into the process and move forward without getting discouraged and quitting?
What if after that momentary mess was cleaned up we could enjoy the deliciousness that is our lives and see, taste and acknowledge the beauty that this moment and this life holds!!
Life is a series of mess after mess and
I think it's time for all of us to stop, take a deep breath, remind ourselves that what we see and what we are experiencing is not the end of our story but only a part of it.
Sometimes we just need to embrace the next second, the next breath, the next step forward, the next moment for these moments make up our lives and we don't want to miss out on this big beautiful mess we call life, do we?!
You are precious every single moment of every single day whether you believe it or not!!!
And now I will enjoy that cookie.....
You friends!! ❤️

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Monday, July 11, 2016

It is Enough...

What counts is your life. Is your life green and blossoming?
You are to be salt seasoning that brings out the God flavours of the earth.
You are to be light, bringing out the God colours in the world.
Be generous with your lives. (Matthew3&5)

Blossoming, salt, light and generous just some of the markers of the God life and yet I don't know about you but sometimes I feel as though what I'm doing is never enough and yet today as I read this I was reminded of some gentle truths and I wanted to share and encourage someone else who may be feeling the same way....
Adding even just a bit of salt adds flavour, just a bit of your love, your passion, your kindness and your compassion has the power to add flavour and life to any circumstance....
Even a pin prick of light illuminates the darkest of rooms, when you love without conditions a light shines, when you care a light shines, the tiniest of prayers from a heart that is broken shines a light of hope and never underestimate the light that shines from you just being there with someone for someone....
Have you ever walked down a sidewalk and seen some green peeking through the cracks, our hearts can sometimes feel unmoving and so solid and yet somehow someway growth happens and it may even surprise us. When we open our hearts to the love, the grace and the truth of God and His word growth is bound to happen it may not be fast or explode or be as blossoming as we would like it to be but growth is happening even in the toughest and hardest of spaces, trust....
Finally even a bit of generosity has the power to change someone's day, just opening up to someone and sharing your journey and some of the tough roads you have traveled is being generous with your life and your journey. Our lessons and our experiences were never meant to be ours alone but rather to be shared to encourage someone else. Be generous with your love, your life and your gifts today ....
Let us not be so quick to heap judgement on ourselves and find ourselves in the space of "not enough" let us rather never forget the biggest part of the life equation and that is God and with Him our not enough is always enough and has the power to make an impact!
You are so loved today!!!
Have a great day!
❤️ Love you friends

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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Bigger Picture

I was reminded of something beautiful today as I was walking back to my car after work.
I headed across the bridge and through the parkade and as I looked way ahead of me I could see the outside world, beyond the cars in the parkade and the cold, damp and dirty surroundings I could see the brightness of the world outside but I could only see a sliver of it.
With each step I took forward the outside became bigger, brighter, clearer and I could see more and more of what awaited me.
In that moment I was reminded that right now as I'm walking some stuff out in my life I can only see a sliver of the bigger picture but with each step I take forward the picture will become clearer and clearer.
Nothing that is happening is a surprise to God, He is above it all He sees my whole picture never once losing sight of me and where I am. I am only to trust that with each step I take things will become clearer and the light will get brighter and continue to shine. I am not to stay stuck in my cold, ugly darkness but to keep moving forward!
Friends we are never alone, we are so LOVED and so CARED for, there will be times when it's hard to trust and it may be hard to take the next step forward but let's remember never once does God scratch His head saying " I didn't see this coming, I don't know how to fix this mess, or figure this one out," instead He lovingly says, "I will make a way where there seems to be no way, trust me I will never ever leave you alone, no matter what!!"
Hang onto that love and that peace knowing that He sees the big picture and He always has a plan and it is GOOD!!
Keep on moving forward one step at a time and may your picture become clearer and brighter each and every day!
Love you friends!!! 💗

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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Barricades and Paths

How often are we found on a road that leads nowhere or worse a road that leads to destruction. A road that we have chosen for ourselves and how awesome would it have been if there had been a big bold sign saying 'DO NOT HEAD THIS WAY, THIS PATH LEADS TO NOWHERE!' and even better if there was a HUGE barricade in front of it.
Yet I know for myself I have probably climbed those barricades and headed down those roads anyway to check it out "just in case" and ended up wasting moments, months and maybe even years of my life.
This path can be a path of seeming success as the world sees it, chasing a financial dream, chasing being skinny so then I will be happy, going down a path of wanting likes on my social media profiles so I can feel validated. Oh there are so many paths to chose from and I know I've chosen wrong too many times to count.
I love this passage I was reading today and I may just have to print it out as a reminder this year, I wanted to share it with you;
Barricade the road that goes Nowhere;
Grace me with your clear revelation.
I choose the true road to Somewhere,
I post your road signs at every curve and corner.
I grasp and cling to whatever you tell me;
God don't let me down!
I'll run the course you lay out for me if you'll just show me how!
Psalm 119:30-32(MSG)

Lord when I am tempted to head for the path that leads to nowhere speak to me and help me to listen to your voice and your direction only. When i am tempted to head down a road to fill a void that you alone can fill, gently reassure me of your presence, your guidance and once again lead me to your path. Your path is the only path that leads to true and ultimate fulfillment, as this year looms ahead may it be a year of drawing closer to you in every way, may it be a year of walking hand in hand on the path you have laid out before me! Help me to continually trust you for all that I need!!

Love you friends! Praying this is your best year yet!!

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Monday, November 09, 2015

Understudy of Greatness

'An understudy is a performer who learns the lines and blocking/choreography of a regular actor or actress in a play. Should the regular actor or actress be unable to appear on stage because of illness or emergencies, the understudy takes over the part' defined by Wikipedia
For some reason I've been thinking about being an understudy these past couple of days, it could be because I have spent time shadowing people at work.
So as this was on my mind I wanted to write about it and one approach to this was to say stop being some one else's understudy and go live life being uniquely you. Although a good message indeed that's as far as that went in my mind.
Then I came across this verse, 'Walk with me and work with me - watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you.' It was a reminder from the one who loves us more than anything or anyone else, an invitation to walk alongside him every moment of every day and work alongside him in the mundane moments to the most exciting moments and watch how he does things. Now you may be thinking, okay Louise I can't physically walk with Jesus and you are right we may not feel him physically walking alongside us but we have a great picture of who he was walking on this earth and how he did things, how he treated others in the stories written about him in the bible.
We can get a clear picture of how he handled every day moments from those stores and he also sent his helper the holy spirit to lead and guide us in the every day moments right here and now.
The coolest thing about this is that my first initial thought about writing this came full circle when I read the last part of that verse.....'learn the unforced rhythms of grace I won't lay anything heavy or ill fitting on you'.
He has designed a life for you and I that flows naturally out of who we are, we were never asked to put on someone else's costume, someone else's personality, someone else's words and live life imitating someone else, we can try so hard to be like someone else that this can become a heavy burden to carry. You were only called to be the understudy of greatness.
The understudy of the one who created you to be uniquely you with your dreams, desires and goals placed in there by him that will flow naturally out of who you are. He won't ever place anything on you that doesn't fit who you were created to be.
Isn't there something so incredibly freeing about this? It has the potential to alter your heart and fill you with such peace knowing that you don't need to be like anyone else.
Sure learn from great leaders, learn from those around you, there are great lessons to learn but never study them so intensely that you lose sight of who you are and who you were created to be!!
There is no one else out there like you, there is no one else that sees things just like you do, you have purpose, you have something so unique to offer this world, you have an important part to play!!
Trust him to show you in the moments of today just how wonderful he made you!!
Shine on friends!!
You are loved!!

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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

When it Feels Like You are Going Backward

Today pushing my cart through the store the cart suddenly skidded to a halt, one of its wheels locked up, and I couldn't move it forward properly.
So I backed it up and found that the tiniest of pebbles was the cause of the abrupt stop.
So I simply backed up my cart and proceeded around it and went on shopping when I felt this lesson drop into my heart "sometimes you have to move backward in order to move forward on a clear path."
Hmmm not exactly what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that the path is smooth, the direction clear and that nothing will get it my way.
Yet here was a gentle reminder that sometimes I gotta take a step backward and clear what ever is standing in the way and then move forward.
This has been my journey lately, it seems I am moving backward in more than one area of my life.... it's hard, I have a bad attitude, and it simply sucks, yet I know I need to take the steps, that I think are backward, so I can move forward onto the clear path.
Whatever it may be, and no matter how far back I have to go, if the King of Kings cares enough to whisper those little lessons to my heart He cares enough to prepare me for what's coming ahead.
When I think I am moving backward He sees what's in store, He sees what I need to learn and how I need to grow to prepare me for what's to come, I need only trust Him.
I can trust that He will direct the path, help me to remove the pebbles and then guide me forward into the journey ahead!
So if any of you are feeling like me, like your life is slightly in reverse, hang on, hold on, learn, grow and trust in Him.
He will never ever leave you, He thinks the world of you and loves you more than you can imagine and He sees what you can't.
With the love of a daddy guiding his child to safety, knowing what's best for the child, trust that no matter what it feels like now there is goodness on this journey in the midst and ahead!!
Ride on friends! Love you!

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Beautiful Garden

This is a beautiful time of year. Gardens are in full bloom and I love to see people posting pictures of their flowers and their produce proudly showing the fruits of their diligent labours.
When I came across this verse this morning it gave me a loving picture, with the same care the gardeners take to weed, water and nourish their gardens God takes with us if we allow Him full access to our lives. He lovingly restores the dried up broken pieces, add the fresh water of His love, removes the weeds that are stealing nourishment from the beauty and brings about something so beautiful in our lives. I'm sure He too looks lovingly at us and His 'wall' is filled with pictures of our beauty. So can we trust Him today to bring beauty out of our weed patches?!

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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Randomness of Ichabod...What a Strange Title

'Ichabod…Ichabod….Ichabod……what the heck, why does this name
keep ringing in my head?!’

That was me yesterday and so I had a quick minute to do a
google search on the name and found it was from Samuel, in the bible, and the
meaning was ‘the glory of God has left.’ 
That’s as much research as I did and I was thinking to myself…yikes okay God
, that’s kinda scary, are you telling me something here that I don’t actually
want to hear?!

So I resolved to study it more thoroughly during my next quiet
time, which happened to be this morning and let me tell you, you wanna stick
around to hear this ending…it left me in tears!!

Okay let me give you some background here in 1 Samuel this
is a story of the Israelites vs the Philistines, the Israelites decided that
they would surely be undefeated in battle if they had the covenant chest of God
with them, or otherwise known as the Ark of the Covenant, so they brought in
the Ark to the front of the lines and proceeded into battle.

Eli, an old man, sent his two sons Hophni and Phinehas to
the front of the battle with the Ark.

The Israelites ended up being brutally defeated 30,000 foot
soldiers died, the Ark was captured by the Philistines and Eli’s sons both died
as well.

A messenger escaped the battle and went to tell the news of
the defeat and approached Eli to tell him the news of the capture of the Ark
and the death of both his sons.  Upon
hearing this Eli, a heavy man apparently, fell off his chair, in shock, broke
his neck and died as well.

The messenger continued on to Phinehas’ wife and told her
the news of her husband, brother in law and father in law’s death and she also
in shock, and pregnant, went into labour and just before her death named her
son Ichabod meaning ‘Where has the glory gone?’ In some other translations the ‘Glory
of God has left.’

The next few words popped out at me so boldly it was like
God himself was underlining them so I wouldn’t miss them…’Where has the glory
gone? For so it must have seemed to her with the loss of the Ark and the deaths of those close to her.’

Even though the words stood out it didn’t end there, I knew
I had to keep reading, so the story went on to tell of the Philistines and what
was happening everywhere the Ark went.  Everywhere
they placed the Ark their false gods bowed down, people were covered with swollen,
painful tumours, the young and the old, all around people were dying.  They moved the Ark from city to city in the
hopes of the death and disease stopping and yet everywhere they brought it
death and disease followed. 

They decided they would send the Ark back to the Israelites
to rid themselves of this destruction, they did this along with offerings of
gold and cattle, a guilt offering.

This is where the revelation exploded in my heart and I want
to share it with you because I know it’s not meant for me to keep to myself……

Louise what areas of your life do you feel as though my
glory has left?  What areas does it “seem
to you” because of circumstances and situations does it feel as though the
glory is gone? You have yourself so convinced that this is the end, that my
glory has left and you have allowed hopelessness to creep in and destroy any
hope of a good future!

Could it be that I am going before you into your
strongholds, behind enemy lines and I am tearing down every false god that you
have placed before me and I am bringing you a victory over your strongholds
that couldn’t have been won on the battlefield?
Could it be that the battle I go to into is one that takes me where you
can’t go, you’ve tried over and over to win this battle on your own, putting me in front of you as a symbol yet
not actually inviting me into the battle

I go in behind enemy lines, the lies that you’ve been told I
am coming to destroy, the false god of vanity and ‘I’ll be happy when’ I have
come to destroy. The mounting stronghold of hopelessness, doubt and fear I have
come to decimate.  I go into places that
an army can’t go, I go where only I can go and bring you victory over every
dark corner that you have hidden, areas where all hope is gone and I have come
to bring my light, my life, my victory and nothing and no one can stand against
my power and my strength. 

Will you trust me to bring a victory in your life that only
I can bring?  Will you stop trying to do
everything on your own strength and will you be patient and wait as I bring
about victory in every area of life?!


Wow, so Ichabod wasn’t just a random name rolling around in
my mind, it was a special invitation from the King of Kings to discover this
nugget of astounding truth tucked in His word for me and you!!

Friends God is good, I have been guilty, oh so guilty of
just letting that roll off my tongue as a platitude of something I should say
because it’s the ‘Christian’ thing to say but today I am here to say I believe
it with my whole heart.  I believe He is
for us, I believe He wants victory in EVERY area of our life, I believe we have
suffered long enough with insecurity, self-doubt and hopelessness.

So my question for you today is this, what area of your life
does it feel as though the glory of God has left?  What area that seems lifeless, hopeless and
doubt has taken up permanent residence?  

I believe today is the day God wants to set you free, He wants to break
in behind enemy lines and set you free, He wants to bring life where before
there was no life, He wants to bring healing to a broken diseased body, He wants
to set you free from every insecurity and He wants to breathe life into your
dreams today!!

I love you friends, I really do and my heart is to see each
and every one of you set free in every single area of your life!!  We are ALL a work in progress, me included,
but if I know one thing for sure we all woke up today so that must mean He isn’t
done with us yet!!!!!

Hope on friends!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

How Important is Having a Title?

Im gonna jump right in... After Judas died( the crazy disciple that betrayed Jesus and handed him over to be crucified) the remaining disciples had to pick someone to fill his place amongst the twelve disciples.

They were to pick from the men that had been with them throughout Jesus' time leading the disciples on the earth ,from His baptism to His ascension into heaven.

This stood out to me that these men, on their own accord, followed wherever Jesus went, leaving behind everything to follow Him and yet not being named as a disciple or even chosen by Jesus to be part of the select group.

This left me with a few questions because they were human after they were following Jesus did they ever feel as though they didn't belong because they weren't part of the twelve disciples?! Did they ever feel like they were wasting their time trying to be a part of something they weren't chosen for?! Did they ever try to get Jesus to notice them and secretly crave that He would add 13th or 14th disciple?!

Or did they know in their heart of hearts that any time spent with Jesus, following and seeing the miracles He performed and being a part of the crowd was all they wanted or needed.

Could it be possible that carrying the label of disciple meant nothing to them?!

Maybe, just maybe, it was all about Jesus! Maybe just being near Him drove their passion to continue following Him.

How often have I craved a title?!
Louise director of ________,
Louise VP of _______
Louise owner of _________, Louise part of the team at _______?!
To be perfectly honest ...more times than you know, as if carrying that label will somehow boost me to some level of significance and status. It's the first question people ask, 'what do you do?' So yes I admit I've wanted a title!!

Yet today as I sat here and read this passage I found my heart's cry was to be like these men who followed Jesus, with no title, no significance, no tether to the select group that Jesus chose as disciples.

I really truly want to be like them where the only title I need is Louise, follower and pursuer of Jesus.....It's a journey, I hope to get there yet!!

So for myself, I know I need to stop worrying about the future and what my journey may be here on earth. Not to be concerned about having a title or a role that carries the human standard of significance.

Instead I want to be incredibly aware and in awe of His glory all around.

Like the people that followed Jesus but weren't disciples, I want to see Jesus at work in the lives of those around me, to be in His presence and soak in all that He has to teach me. To live life each day learning, growing and hopefully changing for the better.

Maybe the best title to carry and be known for is, follower of Jesus.

Anyone wanna join me?! There is plenty of room on this road ahead and I'm sure there are plenty of adventures awaiting us!!

Signed yours truly,
Louise, follower of Jesus in training!

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