Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Heavy Load

Are you like me? When you've been grocery shopping and you bring the bags home you try to make as few trips as possible into the house so you load yourself up so you can barely move, let alone open the door and then as soon as you get to the kitchen you drop them and feel the serious sense of relief and your arms have marks on them from carrying such a heavy load?!? 
I must say I do appreciate it much more when there is someone to help me unload the groceries, it makes the process so much more enjoyable and I feel much less dreadful on the drive home knowing I have help waiting for me. 
Kinda like life and I was reminded of that today, life is so much brighter and enjoyable when we have someone who can walk along side us and help us carry our burdens and worries. 
So when I came across this verse today "God cares for you, let Him carry all your burdens and worries" it immediately created for me the picture of carrying an extreme amount of groceries on my own into my house, struggling with the door, struggling with my balance, falling up the stairs, pain on my arms and an overall feeling of ick, wishing my family was around to help me. 
It was as if He was saying to me, 'Louise this is you every day, carrying the stuff of life; the worries about your future, your kids, your marriage, your friendships, the health of those around you, your finances... Louise your list is long, let me help you. Let me lift those burdens off your arms, off your shoulders, let me carry your worries.'  As I mentally take them one by one and hand them over I am filled with a sense of release, a sense of peace, a sense of hope that He really cares and the spaces of my heart that were overwhelmed were being overwhelmed by His love and His peace. 
I know myself and I know I can much too easily forget that He is there and go back to picking up the heavy load, I need to be reminded again and again that I am not alone, that I was never meant to carry these things on my own and that His will for me is to be in perfect peace. 
So it is a process of asking and believing that He is there and releasing my cares and worries second by second, minute by minute.  
Friends I know I am not alone we all have stuff we are facing, things we are trying to overcome, things we are believing for and yet right here in this moment He is also saying to you...Give it all to me, I love you, I see you, I care for you and I want to help you, you do not need to do this alone....
So who is with me today? Let's lay these things down. 
~Thank you God for your peace, your hope, your joy, your contentment and your love, I give you all the spaces of my heart and mind that are tired, weary, broken and worried and thank you for carrying them for me with your tenderness and grace. When I am tempted to pick them up again remind me of your perfect love which casts out all fear and remind me that you are always with me and have promised to never leave me!! In Jesus name..Amen

Love you friends!!! 


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