Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lessons In the Dirt Pile

There is currently 30 yards of dirt on my driveway that needs to be transferred one wheelbarrow at a time to the back yard. If anyone is figuring it out that is approximately 280 wheelbarrows full.
To say this is a bit of a job is an understatement.
Got me thinking about life and how we all have piles, piles that aren't where they should be that need to be cleaned up. Piles like resentment, bitterness, extra weight, addiction, self doubt, insecurity, .....When we look at the mess as a whole it can get overwhelming and feel hopeless.
Yet it starts with one wheelbarrow, filling it up and moving it, then another and another, it may take a while before we see any change to the pile but it is happening.
Asking for help isn't a bad thing either, when we are able to open up to our close circle of friends they are able to come alongside us and help us in our mess and offer encouragement, love and support and move a few wheelbarrows of our mess with their love.
The best thing about all this is that our piles are never useless, just like the huge pile on my driveway will become the base to which beautiful grass will be grown in our yard and space for friends and family to enjoy, our messes can become the beautiful, fertile soil for something amazing to grow out of and share with those around us. There is always hope in the midst of our messes!!!
How many of us need to start filling our wheelbarrows?
I know I do and I hope I can offer you a bit of love and encouragement you need to start filling your wheelbarrow!!
I love you friends!!!!!!
I hope you feel loved today and always!

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