Friday, April 21, 2017

Choose Kindness

I had a moment at work this past week, I had a very difficult guest who was upset and proceeded take it all out on me, as she walked away I choked back tears because "you just can't cry Louise you gotta be tough, this stuff happens all the time".
Then I had the nicest gentleman step up.
He proceeded to show such immense kindness and apologize for how the lady in front of him acted and well I couldn't hold it back and I burst into tears....yes, not my finest nor most professional moment, I honestly felt like a fool.
Yet in all this I was taught an incredibly valuable lesson.
This man had the same opportunity to be upset. His circumstances were very similar to the other guest and yet he chose to deal in kindness.
Oh sure he was disappointed but his response was vastly different.
We all have times where we are hurt, disappointed and may feel as though a situation is very unjust yet we can choose our response.
We choose how we treat others in our disappointment and rejection and every single interaction.
In that moment I felt I was not broken by harshness & rudeness but rather I was broken by kindness, the kindness of a complete stranger.
Choose kindness today and always, the impact you may make in that one moment you may never fully know but you can walk away knowing you chose good!
Praying you feel blessed, loved, accepted and cherished this Good Friday!! Love you friends!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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