Tuesday, September 06, 2016

For Noah

Noah on this the eve of you heading off to University this mama heart is expectant, reluctant and expanding with love for you and what you will discover.
Some words for you as you head off to University this week:
*Throw off the weight of other peoples' expectation and step boldly into the future uniquely created and planned just for you.
*Don't let this world shape you, shape it by being you!!!!
*Share that smile with people you meet, it's a treasure that was never meant to be hidden.
*Kindness shines, be kind, always.
*Learn, grow, don't be afraid to ask questions and never set limits on yourself.
*Discover the dreams hidden and evolving in each day and moment.
*Though sometimes things may look different than originally planned, trust that you are never without hope and there is a plan even in change.
*Work hard and never give up.
*"Becoming a man" is a journey you've already been on, one that has been paved with kindness, love and respect you've already shown to the people in your life. Continue on that road, respect others and respect yourself. Champion the women in your life, they are a priceless treasure not an object of desire. Stand out for being a gentleman, for honouring and for integrity, in every area of your life.
*Life is a continuous journey of ups and downs, be fully alive for it all, don't trade reality for a high or a drink, live in such a way that you always remember the words you've spoken and the actions you've taken.
*Make time for fun, for that which makes you laugh, for that which fills you with joy, peace and contentment!
*You may have moments where you fail but that does not define you nor make you a failure, you have what it takes to rise to every occasion and become all that you were created to be!
*Never forget that above ALL ELSE you are loved infinitely, eternally and unconditionally by the King of Kings and His plans for you are good, they are above all you could even dream or
imagine. Listen to that still, small voice in every decision you make, the big and the small and you will be guided into your very own adventure on this journey that is your life!
***Be BOLD!
***Be BRAVE!
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