Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Beautiful Mess We Call Life!

Sometimes I get really frustrated with myself when I bake, although I enjoy it I usually end up with a mess, yet the end result of the delicious mouth watering yumminess that comes from the oven is all worth it.
What if we looked at life like that?
What if we allowed ourselves to see our lives as a work in progress and be okay with that?
What if we didn't define ourselves by the mess we sometimes find ourselves in but rather what it was producing inside of us?
What if the mess was indication of a greater picture something we don't see immediately but rather a process of movement towards something beautiful and something to be enjoyed?
What if in the midst of the mess we could still lean into the process and move forward without getting discouraged and quitting?
What if after that momentary mess was cleaned up we could enjoy the deliciousness that is our lives and see, taste and acknowledge the beauty that this moment and this life holds!!
Life is a series of mess after mess and
I think it's time for all of us to stop, take a deep breath, remind ourselves that what we see and what we are experiencing is not the end of our story but only a part of it.
Sometimes we just need to embrace the next second, the next breath, the next step forward, the next moment for these moments make up our lives and we don't want to miss out on this big beautiful mess we call life, do we?!
You are precious every single moment of every single day whether you believe it or not!!!
And now I will enjoy that cookie.....
You friends!! ❤️

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Monday, July 11, 2016

It is Enough...

What counts is your life. Is your life green and blossoming?
You are to be salt seasoning that brings out the God flavours of the earth.
You are to be light, bringing out the God colours in the world.
Be generous with your lives. (Matthew3&5)

Blossoming, salt, light and generous just some of the markers of the God life and yet I don't know about you but sometimes I feel as though what I'm doing is never enough and yet today as I read this I was reminded of some gentle truths and I wanted to share and encourage someone else who may be feeling the same way....
Adding even just a bit of salt adds flavour, just a bit of your love, your passion, your kindness and your compassion has the power to add flavour and life to any circumstance....
Even a pin prick of light illuminates the darkest of rooms, when you love without conditions a light shines, when you care a light shines, the tiniest of prayers from a heart that is broken shines a light of hope and never underestimate the light that shines from you just being there with someone for someone....
Have you ever walked down a sidewalk and seen some green peeking through the cracks, our hearts can sometimes feel unmoving and so solid and yet somehow someway growth happens and it may even surprise us. When we open our hearts to the love, the grace and the truth of God and His word growth is bound to happen it may not be fast or explode or be as blossoming as we would like it to be but growth is happening even in the toughest and hardest of spaces, trust....
Finally even a bit of generosity has the power to change someone's day, just opening up to someone and sharing your journey and some of the tough roads you have traveled is being generous with your life and your journey. Our lessons and our experiences were never meant to be ours alone but rather to be shared to encourage someone else. Be generous with your love, your life and your gifts today ....
Let us not be so quick to heap judgement on ourselves and find ourselves in the space of "not enough" let us rather never forget the biggest part of the life equation and that is God and with Him our not enough is always enough and has the power to make an impact!
You are so loved today!!!
Have a great day!
❤️ Love you friends

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