Tuesday, September 01, 2015

When it Feels Like You are Going Backward

Today pushing my cart through the store the cart suddenly skidded to a halt, one of its wheels locked up, and I couldn't move it forward properly.
So I backed it up and found that the tiniest of pebbles was the cause of the abrupt stop.
So I simply backed up my cart and proceeded around it and went on shopping when I felt this lesson drop into my heart "sometimes you have to move backward in order to move forward on a clear path."
Hmmm not exactly what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that the path is smooth, the direction clear and that nothing will get it my way.
Yet here was a gentle reminder that sometimes I gotta take a step backward and clear what ever is standing in the way and then move forward.
This has been my journey lately, it seems I am moving backward in more than one area of my life.... it's hard, I have a bad attitude, and it simply sucks, yet I know I need to take the steps, that I think are backward, so I can move forward onto the clear path.
Whatever it may be, and no matter how far back I have to go, if the King of Kings cares enough to whisper those little lessons to my heart He cares enough to prepare me for what's coming ahead.
When I think I am moving backward He sees what's in store, He sees what I need to learn and how I need to grow to prepare me for what's to come, I need only trust Him.
I can trust that He will direct the path, help me to remove the pebbles and then guide me forward into the journey ahead!
So if any of you are feeling like me, like your life is slightly in reverse, hang on, hold on, learn, grow and trust in Him.
He will never ever leave you, He thinks the world of you and loves you more than you can imagine and He sees what you can't.
With the love of a daddy guiding his child to safety, knowing what's best for the child, trust that no matter what it feels like now there is goodness on this journey in the midst and ahead!!
Ride on friends! Love you!

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