Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Randomness of Ichabod...What a Strange Title

'Ichabod…Ichabod….Ichabod……what the heck, why does this name
keep ringing in my head?!’

That was me yesterday and so I had a quick minute to do a
google search on the name and found it was from Samuel, in the bible, and the
meaning was ‘the glory of God has left.’ 
That’s as much research as I did and I was thinking to myself…yikes okay God
, that’s kinda scary, are you telling me something here that I don’t actually
want to hear?!

So I resolved to study it more thoroughly during my next quiet
time, which happened to be this morning and let me tell you, you wanna stick
around to hear this ending…it left me in tears!!

Okay let me give you some background here in 1 Samuel this
is a story of the Israelites vs the Philistines, the Israelites decided that
they would surely be undefeated in battle if they had the covenant chest of God
with them, or otherwise known as the Ark of the Covenant, so they brought in
the Ark to the front of the lines and proceeded into battle.

Eli, an old man, sent his two sons Hophni and Phinehas to
the front of the battle with the Ark.

The Israelites ended up being brutally defeated 30,000 foot
soldiers died, the Ark was captured by the Philistines and Eli’s sons both died
as well.

A messenger escaped the battle and went to tell the news of
the defeat and approached Eli to tell him the news of the capture of the Ark
and the death of both his sons.  Upon
hearing this Eli, a heavy man apparently, fell off his chair, in shock, broke
his neck and died as well.

The messenger continued on to Phinehas’ wife and told her
the news of her husband, brother in law and father in law’s death and she also
in shock, and pregnant, went into labour and just before her death named her
son Ichabod meaning ‘Where has the glory gone?’ In some other translations the ‘Glory
of God has left.’

The next few words popped out at me so boldly it was like
God himself was underlining them so I wouldn’t miss them…’Where has the glory
gone? For so it must have seemed to her with the loss of the Ark and the deaths of those close to her.’

Even though the words stood out it didn’t end there, I knew
I had to keep reading, so the story went on to tell of the Philistines and what
was happening everywhere the Ark went.  Everywhere
they placed the Ark their false gods bowed down, people were covered with swollen,
painful tumours, the young and the old, all around people were dying.  They moved the Ark from city to city in the
hopes of the death and disease stopping and yet everywhere they brought it
death and disease followed. 

They decided they would send the Ark back to the Israelites
to rid themselves of this destruction, they did this along with offerings of
gold and cattle, a guilt offering.

This is where the revelation exploded in my heart and I want
to share it with you because I know it’s not meant for me to keep to myself……

Louise what areas of your life do you feel as though my
glory has left?  What areas does it “seem
to you” because of circumstances and situations does it feel as though the
glory is gone? You have yourself so convinced that this is the end, that my
glory has left and you have allowed hopelessness to creep in and destroy any
hope of a good future!

Could it be that I am going before you into your
strongholds, behind enemy lines and I am tearing down every false god that you
have placed before me and I am bringing you a victory over your strongholds
that couldn’t have been won on the battlefield?
Could it be that the battle I go to into is one that takes me where you
can’t go, you’ve tried over and over to win this battle on your own, putting me in front of you as a symbol yet
not actually inviting me into the battle

I go in behind enemy lines, the lies that you’ve been told I
am coming to destroy, the false god of vanity and ‘I’ll be happy when’ I have
come to destroy. The mounting stronghold of hopelessness, doubt and fear I have
come to decimate.  I go into places that
an army can’t go, I go where only I can go and bring you victory over every
dark corner that you have hidden, areas where all hope is gone and I have come
to bring my light, my life, my victory and nothing and no one can stand against
my power and my strength. 

Will you trust me to bring a victory in your life that only
I can bring?  Will you stop trying to do
everything on your own strength and will you be patient and wait as I bring
about victory in every area of life?!


Wow, so Ichabod wasn’t just a random name rolling around in
my mind, it was a special invitation from the King of Kings to discover this
nugget of astounding truth tucked in His word for me and you!!

Friends God is good, I have been guilty, oh so guilty of
just letting that roll off my tongue as a platitude of something I should say
because it’s the ‘Christian’ thing to say but today I am here to say I believe
it with my whole heart.  I believe He is
for us, I believe He wants victory in EVERY area of our life, I believe we have
suffered long enough with insecurity, self-doubt and hopelessness.

So my question for you today is this, what area of your life
does it feel as though the glory of God has left?  What area that seems lifeless, hopeless and
doubt has taken up permanent residence?  

I believe today is the day God wants to set you free, He wants to break
in behind enemy lines and set you free, He wants to bring life where before
there was no life, He wants to bring healing to a broken diseased body, He wants
to set you free from every insecurity and He wants to breathe life into your
dreams today!!

I love you friends, I really do and my heart is to see each
and every one of you set free in every single area of your life!!  We are ALL a work in progress, me included,
but if I know one thing for sure we all woke up today so that must mean He isn’t
done with us yet!!!!!

Hope on friends!!