Monday, June 22, 2015

How Important is Having a Title?

Im gonna jump right in... After Judas died( the crazy disciple that betrayed Jesus and handed him over to be crucified) the remaining disciples had to pick someone to fill his place amongst the twelve disciples.

They were to pick from the men that had been with them throughout Jesus' time leading the disciples on the earth ,from His baptism to His ascension into heaven.

This stood out to me that these men, on their own accord, followed wherever Jesus went, leaving behind everything to follow Him and yet not being named as a disciple or even chosen by Jesus to be part of the select group.

This left me with a few questions because they were human after they were following Jesus did they ever feel as though they didn't belong because they weren't part of the twelve disciples?! Did they ever feel like they were wasting their time trying to be a part of something they weren't chosen for?! Did they ever try to get Jesus to notice them and secretly crave that He would add 13th or 14th disciple?!

Or did they know in their heart of hearts that any time spent with Jesus, following and seeing the miracles He performed and being a part of the crowd was all they wanted or needed.

Could it be possible that carrying the label of disciple meant nothing to them?!

Maybe, just maybe, it was all about Jesus! Maybe just being near Him drove their passion to continue following Him.

How often have I craved a title?!
Louise director of ________,
Louise VP of _______
Louise owner of _________, Louise part of the team at _______?!
To be perfectly honest ...more times than you know, as if carrying that label will somehow boost me to some level of significance and status. It's the first question people ask, 'what do you do?' So yes I admit I've wanted a title!!

Yet today as I sat here and read this passage I found my heart's cry was to be like these men who followed Jesus, with no title, no significance, no tether to the select group that Jesus chose as disciples.

I really truly want to be like them where the only title I need is Louise, follower and pursuer of Jesus.....It's a journey, I hope to get there yet!!

So for myself, I know I need to stop worrying about the future and what my journey may be here on earth. Not to be concerned about having a title or a role that carries the human standard of significance.

Instead I want to be incredibly aware and in awe of His glory all around.

Like the people that followed Jesus but weren't disciples, I want to see Jesus at work in the lives of those around me, to be in His presence and soak in all that He has to teach me. To live life each day learning, growing and hopefully changing for the better.

Maybe the best title to carry and be known for is, follower of Jesus.

Anyone wanna join me?! There is plenty of room on this road ahead and I'm sure there are plenty of adventures awaiting us!!

Signed yours truly,
Louise, follower of Jesus in training!

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