Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fix Your Eyes on Me

The scene looks like this, a father and son are in a perilous situation the only hope is for the father to defeat the dragon with one single arrow. Due to the bow being broken the arrow needs to rest on the sons shoulder while the father creates leverage using what's around him and then launch the arrow off the sons shoulder to have any chance of killing the dragon. If you've watched the latest Hobbit movie you may remember this scene now here's what struck me. 
The son afraid of the dragon, is facing his father with his back towards the angry dragon and a fiery scene surrounding them, the son is fearing the worst and wants to take a peek over his shoulder to have a look at the deadly dragon at this point his father says "Look at me son, keep your eyes on me."....this struck me like a ton of bricks in this moment it was as if God himself broke a wall that was between Him and me recently, one I created, and said
"Louise look at me, you are afraid of MANY things, fearing the worst, keep your eyes on me no matter what and I will fight for you."
If I had been alone in that theatre I may have wept uncontrollably but I managed to keep it together.
Friends life is not easy, there are storms raging all around us. We are each facing things that are very real to each one of us individually and this may make our hearts feel heavy or stress to overtake our minds and fill us with anxiety.
I hope today you find moments where you can lift your head and fix your eyes on Jesus.
Fix your eyes on the source of HOPE instead of the storm, the HEALER instead of the disease, the RESTORER of all things instead of the brokenness, the GIVER of unspeakable peace instead of hurt and anxiety and the one who LOVES you completely instead of those who are against you.
Friends my hope is that you sense His closeness today, the walls created or the distance felt is never created by Him but rather something we build to try and protect ourselves. I encourage you to take down that wall and open up your heart completely to the only one that can truly protect what you have hidden there and the only one that you can truly trust with anything.
I pray you feel loved today, I pray you have the strength to see you through this Christmas and I pray that as you fix your eyes on Him you will be filled with wonderous hope!!!
I mean it with all my heart I love you friends and I care deeply for you all!!
Merry Christmas and God Bless you everyone!!!!