Friday, November 28, 2014

The Sewing Chair

Kez received an antique sewing chair filled with thread from a great-great Aunty.
It is filled with spools and spools of thread of all different colours, many still wrapped in plastic and multiples of the same colours on wooden spools.
I was taken aback by the variety of bright bold colours and the fact they there were so many, it looked as though she kept on collecting them in the same colours and didn't use them. Possibly saving them for a special project.
To be perfectly honest it didn't look to me like a collection of thread an old fashioned Mennonite lady would have. This made me smile!!
I imagine buying the thread for her was a treat and every time she went to the fabric store the same bright colours would catch her eye and she'd buy some more only to realize she already had some safely tucked away, yet secretly loved her growing collection of colourful threads that never saw the light of day.
I wonder what projects she imagined when she bought these bright bold colours, was there always a little girl wanting to come out and wear a beautiful brightly coloured dress and why didn't she use them?! Was she afraid of what others may have thought of her style ?!
Makes me look at what I have and what I enjoy and what am I secretly holding on to, a stash of goodies that would be better shared than hidden in private.
I think each one of us has a hidden stash of goodies that we were meant to share with the world maybe it's your voice, your writing, your ability to make someone feel welcome, to make someone smile, the way you encourage someone, your ability to sew or build anything without a pattern or plan, your love for science or numbers, whatever your passion is, it was never meant to be kept just for yourself it was meant to be shared and enjoyed by others!
Don't ever hide your special colourful gifts because you are afraid of what others think, take what you enjoy and share it with others today!
I hope Kez can create something beautiful from all these wonderful threads, something that would make her great great Aunty in heaven smile proudly!!

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