Monday, November 17, 2014

Memories Of Christmas Past

Putting up the Christmas decorations today I couldn't help but remember our first Christmas after we got married almost 17 years ago.
Noah was five months old and we were renting a really cute house, I wanted to decorate but we had little money so I went to the local gas station and I bought the cheapest tree I could find and brought it home, it was shorter than me and slightly crooked. I invited some friends over and made cookies to decorate and hung them as ornaments, strung popcorn on a string and that was our first tree.
We had no money for presents that year. Conrad's grandparents sent out $35.00 to buy Noah a gift and bring it to the gathering, which we did, then we rewrapped it so he had a gift to open on Christmas morning.
It brings tears to my eyes when I think of how far we've come, see we were also on the local helping hands foodbank and we didn't tell anyone, had either of our parents known they would've stepped in to help and they already often did with groceries, diapers and many meals.
Now I sit in my beautiful home with a tree in almost every corner and bins of decorations and yet still remember our first Christmas fondly and recognize this is all fleeting!
To be honest this year we've seen our share of ups and downs financially. Who knows if next year we could be spending Christmas in an apartment. Yet it is truly amazing to know in my heart I'm totally okay with whatever the future holds.
That is the miracle in all this, to know God has worked in my heart in such a way that going through the various seasons of life I've learnt the value of family, not things or the house I live in. That my security comes from him, not a number in my bank account.
I've learnt thankfulness in whatever circumstances I'm faced with, in all seasons.
I know I will never go hungry or homeless and that is truly something to be thankful for!
Friends no matter where you find yourself this season, in plenty or in want, I pray you find the love of family, friends and the peace of God that surpasses all human reasoning!!

Who knows what the future holds?! For today I will enjoy the warmth of the fire, the flickering of lights in my home and thank God I get to enjoy all this for another year!
God Bless you friends!!!
Love you all!!

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