Friday, October 31, 2014

My Precious Dog

It's been a busy week and I've been gone a lot and it's so neat to me that every single time I pull up onto my driveway my dog is sitting in the front window in a posture of anticipation. He is not just lazily laying there, no he is upright front paws on the windowsill waiting.
I always do a wider turn onto my driveway so he sees me and I wave then he jumps off his chair and runs to the back door. When I come in it's all smiles and sneezes, he sneezes to show me how excited and yes I am convinced he smiles.
Yesterday was an exceptional greeting, he was thrilled he sneezed, he scratched my legs and he wanted up for some hugs so I picked him up he tucked his head under my chin and gave me a low murmured sound of appreciation...I really felt the love.
In that moment I realized how much his posture of anticipation and his excitement to see me is like that of God. It's didn't matter to my dog if I had a horrible day, if i just had a fight with someone before I walked in the door or got mad in traffic, his greeting was the same simply because he loves me!!
Friends God is like that...He is anticipating you right now, He is waiting just for you and what you've done doesn't matter what matters is that when you open the door to Him in any and all circumstances He has His arms stretched out so wide to envelop you into His love and His embrace!!!!
Whether you've been gone five minutes or five hours or five years the reaction is the same!! He loves you, He loves us....oh how He loves us!!!!!!
I pray you caught a glimpse of that love today through this little story and I pray that love becomes so real and so evident to you today that it is simply undeniable!!!!
I love you friends and hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!

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