Wednesday, October 08, 2014

My Prayer for YOU Today

God I pray today that my friends waking up with a pit in their stomach of worry and fear could turn their eyes towards you in trust and that you would fill them with your peace.
I pray my friends that are hurting from loss or a broken relationship would feel your arms wrapping around them and experience your comfort.
I pray for those who feel like they are under a continual cloud of darkness and the weight of the world is weighing heavily on them, that you would pierce the darkness with your light and they would feel the heaviness lifting as they rest in you.
I pray for those with a decision to make and not sure which way to go that they would turn to you for leading and guidance knowing that you have good planned for them.
I pray for parents guiding their children/teens through life that when circumstances are difficult that they could have a sense of purpose and knowing that you love their children with an incredible love and that they are never alone on this journey, that you love to help and you are always right there beside them!
In Jesus name,
Have a great day friends!

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