Thursday, October 09, 2014

God I Want To Rest

God today I want to rest, rest in you....when I feel the need to work to earn your love and your attention remind me that your love is unshakeable, unconditional and you love me simply because I am me.
God show me what it means to truly rest in your presence knowing that all my cares are placed safely in your hands and that you care and you will see me through anything.
I recognize my need for the continual refreshing of your love, fill me with thoughts of your goodness, your kindness and your sacrifice for me so that I could experience refreshing in your presence without any fear, shame or guilt.
Finally God I recognize my weakness and the need of your strength to face this day! I surrender my weaknesses, my faults, my failures and rely on your strength to see me through. When I am tempted to pick up all that I have laid down, remind me that your strength is available to me every moment, you are with me every step of the way, that I am never alone and I can trust you!!
In Jesus name...AMEN

Love you friends! Have a great day!!

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