Thursday, October 09, 2014


~Had a borderline freak out moment last night with one of my kids, my
buttons were being pushed, my blood pressure was rising and I could feel
the anger rising up inside me and that feeling that I was about to
explode!! Never had one of those?! Congrats well I have, too many times…

So I felt that all to familiar onset of ‘freak-out’ rising and I
happened to be in my vehicle with this particular child and instead of
freaking out I went shopping (because that’s a healthy way to deal with
stress) ahem….so I walked inside muttering under my breath ‘this kid
drives me nuts’, ‘I need a holiday’, ‘gah how much more can I handle?!’

Feeling absolutely frustrated and yes even sorry for myself, I shopped
and when I felt calm enough, with a few extra items in my possession, I
left the store. I was able to proceed with the rest of the evening and
said child apologized for their actions later that night and all ended
Well this morning as I was thinking about that feeling of
‘freak out’ and I was reminded of a story….about ME…..I realized I was
upset at my kid for acting JUST LIKE ME!!!
See when I was growing
up I went shopping with my mom and I thought I had to have this pair of
Strawberry Shortcake pj’s…..I HAD to have them so I begged and begged
and begged and wore my mom down, she gave in and bought them for me, I
was so proud of myself…twisted pride.
My mom only had one deal and
that was that I had to wait to wear them, for some reason I don’t
remember, so I promised I would hold up my end of the bargain.
totally did….until we got home and I opened the bag and I saw the beauty
of what was every little girls dream, pink sleeved Strawberry Shortcake
pjs with shortcake herself on the front in all her glory and I knew
then and there I wouldn’t be able to hold up my end of the bargain any
So off i went to find my mom and once again begin the process of wearing her down…….

Funny thing I don’t actually remember who ‘won’ that battle, I have a
sneaking suspicion it was my mom, yet I learned a valuable lesson as I
was thinking about this. I get crazy frustrated with this kid and yet
he acts just like I did. When he is passionate about something he goes
for it, hook, line and sinker and nothing is going to hold him back!

I know I was not an easy child to raise, I had my fair share of freak
out moments and slamming the door moments and yet here I am I still have
things I am passionate about and will go after them with all my heart.

I recognize now that this is not something I want to shut down in
this kid no matter how frustrating it may be, I just need to do my part
to guide and direct that passion in a healthy way!
Just as I’m
sure my parents got insanely frustrated with me I like to think they are
happy with where I ended up, so far, and I gotta believe the same can
be true for my kid, no matter the ups and downs we share.
I sure
don’t want to be labelled and defined by my crazy moments I want to be
defined by the moments that show goodness, kindness and directed passion
shown through love, so as a mom I need to offer the same grace to my
child. Not label him for the bad but look for the good in everything he
Parents, none of us are perfect we ALL have stuff that we
walk through with our kids….insanely difficult and tough stuff yet we
never have to walk this alone!! We can ask for help, open up with
someone we can trust, someone to pray, to offer advice and we can keep
on handing it over to God, He truly loves our kids more than we ever
could and He wants to guide us and help us and them every step of the
So next time you see me shopping…I may be escaping a ‘freak out’ moment, please approach with caution (and chocolate).

All jokes aside, raising kids is not easy and as parents we can be
there for each other, instead of rating each others kids on behavior!!
Let’s stand next to each other and offer help...not judgement! This
kind of community of parents would be amazing, wouldn’t it?!
Love you friends!!

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