Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Be You

Yesterday as I was driving home from volleyball with my kids for some reason I thought I would start speaking in I guess what you'd call a cartoon voice.
I made up stories and spoke in that crazy voice and they laughed, boy did they laugh...Noah was hunched over in the seat beside me, mouth wide open and no sound coming out because he was laughing so hard and I heard Ez and his unmistakeable laugh.
I did my share of laughing too, tears streaming down my face, it was a blast.
At one point Ezra says 'Mom that sounds nothing like you!!!'
See me and Ezra spend A LOT of time together, he is the only one that is homeschooled, so he sees me in all different settings and observes and hears me a lot!
So he knows exactly what I sound like.
Guess where I'm going with this?! Here.....God knows exactly what you sound like in your everyday life, he knows you better than you know yourself. Yet for some reason when we approach him in prayer our voice changes, we can suddenly become somebody completely different because maybe sometimes we care more about how our prayers sound than the one we are praying to!!!
Guess what...God knows when you are ticked off and he can handle it, he knows when you are so full of joy that you are over the top giddy and he would love to experience that with you too.
What I'm getting to is REAL, be YOURSELF, whatever emotion you may be experiencing, wherever you may be, just talk to him....don't change your voice or your stance to appear more 'holy' or feel you need to have your prayer sound a certain way....just be....
Friends he is so in love with you and he can handle every single emotion and feeling no matter how extreme it may be!
He knows you and wants relationship with you, the you that you are RIGHT NOW!
I pray you feel and know his love in a real tangible way TODAY!!
Love you friends!

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