Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cultivating with God

In order for a farmer to have a crop they need to cultivate and prepare the land for the crop they want to seed.
Whatever seed they plant after they have cultivated is the crop they receive.
So much of our culture is wrapped up in self-confidence, the stores are filled with books on building your self-confidence. There are endless seminars you can attend to give yourself a boost.
Yet as I was reading today I found it so intriguing that the word says this: Forget self confidence; it's useless. Cultivate God-confidence.
There's that word I brought up in the beginning...cultivate. What does it mean to cultivate, the definition reads like this;
(-prepare and use (land) for crops or gardening
-try to acquire or develop (a quality, sentiment, or skill).
So when I read this verse over and over again I saw a picture of a farmer cultivating the land, preparing the land and he had a few options: 1) he could prepare a small section his land and receive only a small harvest, 2) he could prepare all his land and in turn receive the fullest potential harvest available to him or finally 3) he could not cultivate anything and receive the leftovers from last years crop.
We are told in this verse to cultivate God-confidence so what does that look like?! We, like the farmer, have a choice to make, we can surrender a part of our life over to God or we can surrender all of ourselves or we can surrender nothing at all.
No matter which one we choose we are going to end up harvesting a crop. The purpose of cultivating is to turn up the soil and make it easier to plant a crop. When we cultivate God-confidence we are allowing him to turn up the soil of our lives and make it ready for good seed so that we can receive a good crop.
He wants to plant things like unconditional love, peace, joy, patience in us so that we can walk in a confidence that doesn't come from what we "do" but rather from who we are in him!!
He wants to cultivate a character in us so strong that our confidence is rooted in him that people can attack us and say what they will about us and yet we can walk in confidence that only God can bring.
Self-confidence comes by what we do, how we feel about ourselves and our successes the thing about this is that it has the potential to crash and fall at any time depending on how well we feel our life is going. Whether you fit the pair of skinny jeans and reached your goal weight, you landed the big contract, you could run the extra mile, you got the bigger house...all great things but were never meant to give us confidence because in the next moment they can all be gone that's why I believe the verse says self- confidence is useless because there is no permanence.
God-confidence is not at all like self-confidence, it's not something we can conjure up on our own it is only something that can be developed. Developed over time by learning to trust in the one who created us!! The one who knows us better than we know ourselves and the one who loves and cares about us so much that he doesn't want us stuck in the endless cycle of trying to build self-confidence.
I encourage you, get to know the loving God let him cultivate in you what you never dreamed possible!! Let him plant seeds of love, goodness and his dreams for you and watch the permanent harvest you will receive just by trusting and allowing him to work in you!
I have not arrived yet, this is something I gotta work on daily and I'm so thankful that God is patient with me!!! No matter what there is hope, hope that how I feel in those moments of self doubt and low 'self confidence' that God is cultivating something in me even if I may not feel right now... I will trust that I am growing in some way everyday to develop God-confidence!!
Never, ever give up hope!!
Love you friends!!!

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