Friday, May 30, 2014

Power Thoughts

~POWER THOUGHT for me today as I was out walk/jogging, the music pumping in my ears stopped and all I was left with was my heavy breathing and thoughts that I should really stop because this is too hard and exercise sucks, yet I turned my music back on and got a surge of new energy....Life is like often do we get trapped in our own thoughts "how are we gonna make it", " this marriage will never survive", "I can't parent these kids on my own"' " this disease is the end of me". We must choose in those moments to put in new thoughts, crank praise and worship, meditate on Gods word, podcasts, whatever it is for you....change the voices coming in to something powerful!! You choose this day what you will listen to. I encourage you choose life and you WILL get a renewed sense of purpose and vision and a glimmer of hope in the darkness!!

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