Friday, May 02, 2014

Beauty Beneath the Ordinary

Last night as I was at a friend's place her daughter came running up to me brimming with excitement to show me a treasure she had found outside.
She showed me a rock that was broken in two pieces, now on the outside the rock was very ordinary gray nothing really special looking about it, yet when she showed me the inside it was beautiful, many different colours and sparkle...amazing.
In that instance I knew why she had shown me the rock. I asked her "What does this remind you of?"
She stared at me and I proceeded "It's like the people we see all around us, they may look ordinary on the outside but inside is some beautiful sparkle if we get to know them. And who adds the most important sparkle to every person?" I asked.
She looked at me with her big blue eyes and whispered 'Jesus'.
"Exactly right." I responded.
She smiled at me and off she went to show all the others the beautiful treasure she had found.
I actually had to blink away the tears.
Every day we have the opportunity to find hidden treasure, this doesn't mean we need to go scouring our neighbourhood for rocks and cracking them open but rather it takes us opening our hearts and lives to those around us. Taking the time to get to know that person you may have been avoiding, try to see your child as God created them~see past the struggle, find beauty in a marriage that may seem dull, ask that coworker for lunch that seems to have been feeling down lately....every where we look is hidden treasure.
Will you join me in taking some extra time today to find it?!
Love you friends!! Have a great weekend!!

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