Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Simple Joy

Sometimes I long to live with the freedom my dog has....he loves nothing more than if I open the window while I drive and he pops his head out closes his eyes and enjoys the wind, ears flapping, almost what looks like a smile on his face.
As we were driving today he did just that and I caught myself wishing I could have that freedom then that still small voice nudged as if to can, just enjoy the simple moments, stop worrying about that situation that's been weighing on your mind, enjoy this moment, right here, right now is the only moment you are promised!
So I laughed at the joy I saw on my pups face and cranked my music and enjoyed the ride simple as it was.
Often I wait for the big moments to 'enjoy' and how easily I forget to enjoy the smell of fresh baked cookies, the sound of perfect harmonies in a song, the dimpled smile of my child (even though he may be driving me batty), the simple arm around my waist as my hubby comes to steal another cookie...these are the moments of life I need to start enjoying a lot more!!!!
How about you? You wishing your life away In hopes of a 'better' time in the future? I hope you can see some simple glimpses of beauty and joy today!!

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