Saturday, April 26, 2014

Breaking the Chains

Are you feeling stuck? Held captive by chains of addiction, pain, guilt, fear, approval of others, bitterness, envy, sadness? If so I want to share this with you!!
This was written about Paul and Silas after being severely beaten and thrown in jail...'after surviving the severe beating Paul and Silas aren't moaning and groaning they're praying and singing praises to God....suddenly the ground begins to shake and the prison foundations begin to crack...every prisoner realizes that his chains have come unfastened..'
What a picture of life, we can become hurt and wounded by the many trials of life and in those moments we have a choice to make, sit and moan and groan or raise a voice of prayer and praise to God.
Notice that it was when they praised that the foundations of what was holding them captive and the chains came undone.
Inevitably in this life we will face difficulties and we may feel beaten down and truly want to sit and stare at our mess. Yet it is in those moments we must turn our eyes on Jesus even though we may not "feel" like it and sing praises to our King and then He does what only He can do and sets us free.
So whatever it is that is holding you captive...addictions, fear, guilt, sadness, approval of others, bitterness, envy...whatever it is He can set us free. Shaking the very foundation of the belief that held us captive in the first place and led us to the place where we are, He can set us free to a life of peace, joy and contentment despite our circumstances.
We can truly become overcomers in life and it all starts by choosing to praise the only one who has the power to change us and our circumstances!
Turn our eyes from the junk of our lives and turn them to the one who sets us free!!
I pray you get a revelation of His love for you today and despite how you feel take a moment to praise Him today, in whatever way you choose, and see what a difference it makes, it may not happen immediately but I want to encourage you to continue turning your eyes to Him, He is faithful and He loves you so very much!!!

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