Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Greatest Purpose of All

"If I gave you a vision so big you knew it could never be completed in your lifetime would you still be faithful to do your part?"
This is a question I believe being asked of all of us today.
In a day and age where many are caught up in 'what is my purpose' ' what am I put on this earth to do' it can so easily become a selfish train of thought that leads to our own greatness.
When God is in fact asking us to each do our part in the greatest vision of all and that is to seek and save that which is lost, to make disciples in all nations, to show love and shine our light in the darkness.
Will there be opportunity for greatness? Absolutely, but that should never be the focus. The focus has always and will always be to make His name great!
We do have a plan and a purpose for our life and instead of getting caught up in the specific end goal of what that may be, trust that you are living it right now!
Every moment of every day is part of our purpose in using our lives to point to the King of Kings.
How will you show and be love today?

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