Thursday, March 27, 2014

Remove The Mask

'Love others well, and don't hide behind a mask; love authentically.'Romans 12:9
What does that look like to you? What relationship are you being asked to lower your mask and love authentically?!
If everyone became just a little more real and didn't hide behind the multiple masks we place before us everyday and opened our real selves up to others what change could take place?!

-If that mom knew that you too struggle to keep it all together, could this possibly result in an encouraging relationship for each other?
-If that kid at school knew that you too get bullied and need a friend could it possibly result in a lasting friendship?
-If your friend who had a rough marriage but worked at it and now it's amazing knew that you were struggling right now in your marriage could it possibly lead to amazing change in your own life?
-If that guy that you look up to knew the struggle that you faced behind closed doors could it possibly result in a breakthrough mentoring relationship?

If we all took one moment today to lower our masks to be vulnerable and love authentically how different could our lives and the depths of our relationships be?!
It's in being real and authentic with others that people feel safe to also be real and authentic with us!
I hope you have an amazing day today and know this, no matter what you are incredibly cherished and loved!! Whether you choose to remove the mask or keep it up Jesus sees you just as you are and loves you completely!!

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