Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Offence a Big Deal?

Becoming offended is a huge deal!! Let me share a little story with you. There was a man named Naaman who was a general in the kings army he had great importance to his master but he suffered greatly from a skin disease.
One of the young maids told him of a prophet who could heal him of this disease.
So he set out to find this prophet, once found the prophet sent out one of his helpers with a message that he should go immerse himself in the river seven times and his skin would be good as new.
Naaman then became greatly offended, not only was he not greeted by the prophet himself, he was now being told to go bathe seven times in, by his opinion, not a nice river when he expected to just have a hand waved over the diseased spot and it would be done.
He got so offended he stormed off willing to leave the possibility of healing behind.
Thankfully wisdom in the form of a travelling companion spoke to him and said "if he had asked you to do something hard and heroic, wouldn't you have done it? So why not the simple wash and be clean?"
So HE DID IT! Was healed completely.
It really stood out to me how he nearly missed it because he was offended!! He didn't like being greeted by the messenger instead of the prophet and he sure didn't want to bathe in a dirty river!
How often do we secretly get offended by God because He isn't answering and waving his hand in the way that we thought He would! Truth be told there are so many ways we can become offended by God.
Thankfully we serve an incredibly loving God who sends us a voice of wisdom. He doesn't give up on us, even when we feel so offended we are willing to walk away from it all, He lovingly sends His Holy Spirit and His Word to get us to look at things a little differently.
He can handle our fears and our doubts and even our offence but the scary part is when we let the offence turn our hearts away from God.
We are told over and over in scripture to guard our hearts and one way to guard it is to keep it from offence.
With an open trusting relationship with God this is possible. Spend time with Him today tell Him how you really feel ( it's not like it's a secret from Him anyway) release the fear, the offence, the bitterness and allow Him to heal you in whatever area you need!
As you spend time with Him you begin to know and trust His heart and this my friends is a beautiful thing!
Will you join me on this adventure today?!

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