Saturday, March 22, 2014

Can I Truly Be Loved?

Ever had any of these thoughts?
-I'm too broken and messed up to be loved.
-If someone knew my hidden secret they couldn't possibly love me anymore.
-If someone knew what I was actually thinking they would no longer accept me.
-If people only knew the questions I asked in my head they wouldn't look at me the same way.
-I don't know if I can really believe in all this God and Jesus stuff.
I think if we are completely honest with ourselves we can fall into any one of these areas.
What if I told you that through all these and in spite all of these questions whatever they may be God loves you!!
Some may have been told...'get your act together, only then can you go to Jesus'...yet He says ' come to me and I will give you rest.'
See He knows there are things we will face and things we will walk through in life that will feel overwhelming and impossible. He doesn't expect you to clean yourself up before you come to him anymore than we'd expect a baby to feed and diaper itself.
It's only with him that change of any kind is possible. He can handle your anger, even if you are blaming Him for something in your life, He can handle your fear, your unbelief, your questions, doubts, your 'unseen' issues. He truly can handle and help in and through it all!
Don't be afraid of coming to Him just as you are, ask's okay... in laying ALL the pieces in front Him it's then that we can truly start to be put together and walk in the amazing plans He has for us.
We will never truly arrive, there will always be more 'stuff' to walk through but we can be sure in and through it all we were never meant to walk it alone!!
You have not fallen too far or made too many mistakes , there is nothing you could do for Him to ever turn His back on you!
Just as you are!

God made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before him. Psalm 18:20

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