Thursday, February 06, 2014


The word meditation has gotten a bad rap. Check this out...
The verse from Joshua 1:8 'Meditate on the word day and night' has freaked some people out and caused many others to feel hopeless in some way because how is that even possible?!
Some may believe they must sit down with their head continually in the bible day and night according to this verse.
Obviously we have a life to live, we have to go to work, earn a living, keep the children fed, clean, do laundry....well you get the idea. So how can all that be done if meditating on the word means to sit down and continually be reading it.
Let me challenge you with this thought.
Meditation is the same as worry, worry is just meditation on the negative, we can go through the entire day still being fully functional beings all the while worrying about something continually in our minds. What we do with that worry is think about it, break it down and even speak the worry to people around us.
So then it stands to reason that meditation as this verse reads is focusing on Jesus and yes His word, thinking about it, pondering it and speaking it.
For example you read a verse like 'I am writing to you, young people because He has given you the power to conquer the evil one. '1John 3:13 So now as you go about your day and a temptation comes your way you will think about this verse and say 'no I have been given the power to conquer the evil one' or ponder what that means to have been given the power to conquer. Or simply refocusing your thoughts on how much Jesus loves you if He was willing to die for you, is there anything else He wouldn't freely do for you?
It's amazing as we focus on His truth throughout the day how He reveals Himself in things big and small.
Meditation isn't a freaky new age word it is a God breathed word that allows you to focus your thoughts on Him and His thoughts towards you so that no matter what you face you can do it with His strength, His guidance and His power.
I don't know about you but that sounds a lot better than worrying to me.
So today as your mind leans towards worry realize that you are meditating on that which will bring about no possible good.
Instead choose to meditate on what God says about what you are facing. Spend some time each day reading a devotional (they usually have a verse attached to them if you find opening up the bible intimidating or don't know where to start) but even one verse, you can focus on that one verse and God can open up a whole new world to you!
He is so faithful and He is so good!!

(Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies. (Philippians 4:8, 9 MSG)

Have a great day friends!!

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