Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Tests and Hardships...Arghhh

To be perfectly honest there is a verse that has always bugged me here it is 'Don't run from tests and hardships brothers and sisters.' ...Can you see why ?! I think human nature is to run from problems because honestly hardships and tests are not fun!!

Yet here I was confronted with this verse again so I decided to take it all in once again, the verse doesn't stop there it goes on to say this 'As difficult as they are, you will ultimately find joy in them'....well this threw me for a bit of a loop I mean find joy in my hardships and tests?

I seem to find an abundance of sadness, worry and frustration. So I decided to look up the definition of the word 'ultimately' here is what I found; eventually, in the long run, at length, finally, sooner or later, in the fullness of time, when all is said and done etc.

So when I put that definition together with the verse it reads like this 'Don't run from tests and hardships as difficult as they are because when all is said and done you will find joy in them'(Louise paraphrase).

So I realized that yeah the hardships and trials can be incredibly difficult but ultimately God's story, his hope prevails!!

Your mess can become your message, your test can become your testimony and your problem can become your purpose!!!

So here's my encouragement for you....stick with it whatever your hardship or trial is, whether it's relationship difficulty, marriage hurts, a child who has turned their back on you, a parent who has disowned you, disappointment, loss, financial lack, sickness...whatever your 'it' is with God as your guide you can come through this shining as a beacon of hope for others around you!!

Believe me when I say I'm trying to encourage myself here too....we've all got 'stuff'!!

It may be difficult now but let's trust and put our hope in God that ULTIMATELY we will rise above this stronger than we ever imagined possible!!

Keep on keepin on!!

Love you friends!!!

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