Friday, January 10, 2014

Always Near

Today began like any other day I walk to the kitchen grab my coffee; Rex my dog right behind me, go sit down in the sunroom; Rex gets cozy too, go to the office to do some work; Rex follows, go take a shower, Rex sits on the floor mat.

Can you see the trend?
Everywhere I go he goes.

Then as I was leaving the house Rex just stared at me waiting for the invitation to join me on my drive which never came and as I backed off my driveway there he was sitting in the window watching me leave.

So the whole time this was happening I was thinking about my relationship with Jesus and how I need to stay near and I should never be far away from him wherever he goes I should go and then as I was backing off the driveway in my mind that's where the parallel ended as I saw Rex's face in the window because now I was leaving him behind.

That's when I felt Jesus speaking to me so incredibly strong "That's not where the parallel ends, see I am with you wherever you go...I am right beside you here in the car and we are going for a ride. Everywhere you go I go."

As I looked beside me I could sense his overwhelming presence and all I could do was weep. Through the tears, trying to see the road it I couldn't believe he showed up just to say I love you and let me know that he is ALWAYS with me.

Honestly it's not often I 'feel' his presence in such a tangible way but again it was such a great reminder for me that no matter how I "feel" he is always with me.

I am not a special person that God has uniquely chosen to reveal himself to, what he does for me I know he wants to do for you!!!

He is truly with you wherever you go and again I pray that you can feel his tangible presence with you today!!

You are loved!!

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