Monday, December 09, 2013

Hate Dirty Dishes?

Anyone hate doing dishes as much as I do?
I love the fact that dishwashers were invented yet inevitably there are always dishes that need to be washed by hand.
Today as I was washing dishes I got to thinking about how each dish goes in dirty it's scrubbed then rinsed in hot water and set out to dry and after a lot of dirty dishes the water needs to be drained and filled with fresh clean water to continue washing.
Today I find myself with a dirty sink that is my heart, it seems I have put stuff in there, let it soak and now it needs to be washed.
So it seems I am running to Jesus every moment today asking for help to clean up something else that is coming up...whatever it is, as difficult as it is to face, I know that he is faithful to help me clean up the mess,drain the junk and fill me up with the fresh clean water of his word and his love.
Just a reminder to us all that there is hope amidst the dirt and after a good scrub ,the fresh water of renewal is coming!! More troubles are bound to come and that's why this renewal process is so important. We must continually run to the one who isn't scared of our dirtiness but rather embraces us with open arms ready and willing to help clean up our mess!!
Don't lose hope no matter where you are, he sees, he cares and he loves you!!

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