Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Beautiful Snow

The wonderful thing about winter is that even my yard is beautiful, I hate not having a completed yard, we've lived here for almost two years and I have no grass, no yard, just weeds. In winter I'm not worried what the neighbours will think about our weeds, I'm not wondering if people drive by and stare at our unkempt yard between two beautiful yards, for a few months we all look the same.
Do you know that God looks at each one of us that way, even though the dirt and weeds and the mistakes of our lives are glaringly obvious as the weeds on my yard on a bright summers day, he sees beyond that and sees the beauty he created us to be and his love covers our dirt like a fresh blanket of snow.
He sees each one of us and loves us equally despite what we are hiding underneath.
He doesn't look at the person to the right or to the left of us and love them more because they are more 'holy' or say and do all the right things. He looks at each one of us and sees his child whom he so desperately loves and wants a relationship with.
No matter how messed up or how great you think you are loved without a shadow of a doubt RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, RIGHT AS YOU ARE, RIGHT NOW!!
Love you friends and stay warm :D!!

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