Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My prayer for 2014

Prayer for 2014

Dear God,

Help me to always show love and compassion not criticism and judgement.

Help me to know when to speak up and what to speak out for and when to keep quiet.

Help me to be all that you have called me to be and not to shrink back from that which you have asked of me.

Help me to be more concerned with what your thoughts are towards me and less of what others think of me.

Help me to dream bigger than I've ever dreamed before.

Help me to be your hands and feet and to never miss an opportunity to show your love.

Help me to rise above disappointment, anger, resentment and bitterness and continually forgive as you've forgiven me.

Help me not to be to proud to admit failures but rather seek to improve upon them.

When I fall help me rise up with a warriors spirit as someone that has the courage and strength to continue on the journey.

Help me to trust you in all circumstances no matter how it looks with a deep reassurance that you have already prepared a way for me!

Most of all I want more if you in every area of my life and less of me!!

Praying this is the best year yet and that your light will shine through me for all to see!!

In Jesus name ....AMEN!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ME TO YOU!! God bless you today and always in all ways!!

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Best Gift Ever

The best gift you can unwrap today is a relationship with Jesus;

~It has the POWER to break down barriers.
~LIGHT to pierce the darkest of circumstances.
~LOVE to fill up even the deadest of spaces in your heart.
~JOY which lasts when happiness doesn't.
~PEACE that is beyond comprehension.
~HOPE for a better and brighter future.
~BLESSINGS that your heart cannot contain.

Open up this ETERNAL gift today, I promise you won't regret it!!!

LOVE you all and

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Believe Again

What you believed could happen has happened.
Matthew 8:13(MSG)

I find it so interesting that story after story in the bible shows what people believed about Jesus and how he would heal them; the Roman captain whose servant was sick said to Jesus ' Just give the order and my servant will be fine.' The lady with who had been bleeding for 12 years was thinking to herself 'If I can just put a finger on his robe I'll get well.' Another one a local official approached Jesus because his daughter had just died and he said ' if you come and touch her she will live.'
Then there is the story of the two blind men who followed Jesus from the little girls house to his home crying out 'mercy, son of David , mercy on us' till Jesus finally turned around and said "Do you really believe I can do this?" To which they replied 'why yes master' Jesus touched their eyes and said "Become what you believe."

Powerful statement huh?"Become what you believe."

The others believed they would be healed if: Jesus touched them , if he spoke the words, if she could touch the hem of his robe.

The part that I find interesting about this story is that Jesus met them each INDIVIDUALLY where they were at....the one who believed the words would be spoken and healing would come, it happened just like that.
The lady who believed she would touch his garment and be healed, it happened just like that.
The father who believed his daughter had to be touched by Jesus to be healed, it happened just like that.
He was never the one who said 'I have to touch you to be healed, or you need to touch me or I must speak the words.

He met them at their level of belief!

What area of your life have you stopped believing?
What area do you need healing? Jesus wants to meet you right where you are at and the only requirement is that you believe?

Believe what?

That anything is possible, that he can turn around ANY situation for good; that he can heal your physical body, that he can heal a broken relationship, that he has a way to bring home the runaway, that he has a way out of the addiction, that he can provide for your needs!!

Christmas is a time we celebrate His birth, we believe he came to earth as a child, now will you also believe that He loves you TODAY and that he cares about you and that He will make a way?!?!

BELEIVE and if you have trouble simply ask for the strength to believe again!!

Merry Christmas friends!

I truly love you and pray you feel his love in a tangible way today!!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Don't Give Up

Are you facing a tough circumstance right now?
Life is full of 'stuff' and it can be tough to face when it seems we are alone.
I want to encourage you today with a few verses;

'God takes care of all who stay close to him.
Be brave. Be strong. Don't give up. Expect God to get here soon. '

Often when we face something we try to figure it all out on our own first and when we realize we can't then we may include God in the equation. Yet when we stay close and include him in everything we have this promise that he will take care of us.

The second part of the verse says we must do our part by being brave, being strong and not giving up till we see the answer...but it's tough to be brave and strong when the whole world around us seems to be in chaos and confusion.
Here is where we can rely on another promise in the word where it says 'his strength is made perfect in our weakness'.

So not only does he ask us to be brave and strong and not give up but He helps us when we are weak by giving us his strength to not give up until the answers come.

Amazing isn't it?

That nothing we do has to be done alone and nothing we face was ever meant to be faced alone!!!

I hope you are encouraged today that answers are coming, the breakthrough is on it's way!

Trust in him, get close to him .....

Don't give up!!

Love you friends!!!!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

He Loves You

Do you think God is out to get you?
I'm going to challenge that thought with one simple yet awesome verse... 'Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with him and learn a life of love. Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn't love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself to is. Love like that'. Ephesians 5:1-2

That doesn't sound like someone out to get you but rather someone who loves you deeply and wants to share every moment with you.

Do need to feel a bit of that love today?


Freely ask like a child asking a loving father for a hug when they are lonely, sad or scared!

He loves you!!

Have a great day friends!!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Promises Promises

Have you ever been promised something and then that person broke their promise?
Devastating huh?
Did you know that when God gives you a promise he keeps his word and it will never be broken?
His word, the bible, is full of promises for us, promises that we can grab hold of.
There also times when God speaks directly to your heart and has given you a promise for your future and it seems to be taking forever and the doubt is creeping in and you begin to wonder if it will ever happen.
If that's where you are I want to remind you of a story, Abraham was called a father by God when he and his wife couldn't have children and here is where the passage begins.....
'Abraham was first named "father" and then became a father because he dared to trust God to do what only God could do...when everything was hopeless, Abraham believed anyway, deciding to live not on the basis if what he saw he couldn't do but on what God said he would do...He didn't tiptoe around Gods promise asking skeptical questions. He plunged into the promise and came up strong, ready for God, sure that God would make good on what he said. Abraham was declared fit before God by trusting to set him right. But it's not just Abraham; it's also us! The same thing gets said about us when we embrace and believe the One who brought Jesus to life when the conditions were equally hopeless.'

.....when everything was hopeless Abraham believed anyway .....

Everything around us will scream at us to look at our circumstances and come up with all sorts of evidence going against what we've been promised I want to encourage you to ,like Abraham, plunge into the promise and come out strong!!
Nothing and no circumstance is hopeless!
I also encourage you to find the promises in the bible for yourself if you don't have a bible go to and plug in the references below (exactly as you see them) to read some fantastic promises and start to believe in a God who truly cares.
Be bold and ask God what he has specifically for you, he has dreams for you you can only imagine!!

Hope again.

Believe again.

Dream again.

Love you friends!!

Isaiah 40:29-31
Philippians 4:19
2 Peter 1:4
Jeremiah 29:11
Romans 8:37-39
Proverbs 1:33
John 14:27
Matthew 11:28-29
Romans 6:23
John 10:10

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do You Believe?

God does amazing things for so-and-so but seems to leave me out.....Ever think those thoughts quietly in your head or maybe out loud ?
I want to share a story with you it's about a man who had a very sick boy who had seizures and that would cause him to get in harms way quite frequently, he heard about a man named Jesus and that he could heal and so decided to take his boy to him. After Jesus got a bit of a background story on the boy the boys father says 'If you can do anything, do it. Have a heart and help us!'
To which Jesus replies 'If?' There are no 'ifs' among believers. Anything can happen.'
No sooner were the words out of his mouth than the father cried, "Then I believe. Help me with my doubts !"

How often do we believe God can and does great things for others but we doubt he can do that for us. Here it tells us that all we must do is believe that anything can happen.
What would you believe for again if you thought ANYTHING was possible?
A baby?
Renewal in your marriage?
A child to return home?
Bills to be paid?
I encourage you today to look at any area of your life that you've stopped believing for change or a miracle and start believing again and openly ask God to help you with your doubts.
I know for myself I am all to familiar with doubt, it's time for me to become more familiar with believing!!!

How about you?
Will you join me today and start believing again for the impossible to become possible?

WITH HIM it truly is possible !!!!

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Monday, December 09, 2013

Hate Dirty Dishes?

Anyone hate doing dishes as much as I do?
I love the fact that dishwashers were invented yet inevitably there are always dishes that need to be washed by hand.
Today as I was washing dishes I got to thinking about how each dish goes in dirty it's scrubbed then rinsed in hot water and set out to dry and after a lot of dirty dishes the water needs to be drained and filled with fresh clean water to continue washing.
Today I find myself with a dirty sink that is my heart, it seems I have put stuff in there, let it soak and now it needs to be washed.
So it seems I am running to Jesus every moment today asking for help to clean up something else that is coming up...whatever it is, as difficult as it is to face, I know that he is faithful to help me clean up the mess,drain the junk and fill me up with the fresh clean water of his word and his love.
Just a reminder to us all that there is hope amidst the dirt and after a good scrub ,the fresh water of renewal is coming!! More troubles are bound to come and that's why this renewal process is so important. We must continually run to the one who isn't scared of our dirtiness but rather embraces us with open arms ready and willing to help clean up our mess!!
Don't lose hope no matter where you are, he sees, he cares and he loves you!!

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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Struggling for Change

Ever struggle to change a certain area in you life? Something that you've worked on over and over again and nothing seems to change and now you are frustrated and ready to give up?
Me too, there are certain areas in my life that I so desperately long to see change and I get frustrated when I don't see it happen.
Today as I was doing my reading I came across a verse that I've heard a million times and it's a verse I love and yet today as I read it and saw something completely different.
Here it is;
'God can do anything you know-far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within is , his Spirit deeply and gently within us.'
This is what I saw, God knows our area of struggle he sees what we so desperately want to change and he wants to team up with us. He wants to help us by working within us to bring the change along.
As long as we are trying to come up with this change on our own we may be successful for a bit but it won't be lasting change.
So what have you been trying to change for so long??
Unrelenting Anger? Bitterness towards someone? Unforgiveness? Laziness? Addictions of any kind- alcohol, drugs, porn, food, tv?
I'm here to tell you change is possible and God wants to do more in and through your life than you could ever dream possible even in your wildest dreams!!
God is strong and he wants you strong !!
The question now is will you trust him today to work that change in you however long it takes??
Love you friends!!!

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Friday, December 06, 2013

Feel Inferior??

I love reading certain blogs, they lift me up, they inspire me and truth be told they sometimes make be feel so incredibly inferior. Man some people of got an incredible gift to put thoughts into words that are stirring and moving to the core.

I am continually amazed at the small reminders that God gives me to continue moving forward in all areas of my life especially when I have feelings of inferiority and this verse really brought that point home for me again today.

'Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don't be impressed with yourself. Don't compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.'

Love that....each of you is responsible for doing the creative best with your own here is my question for you.

What area of life have you shrunk back because you feel you don t measure up?
What area of your life have you compared yourself to someone else and thought that you shouldn't even bother sharing what you have?
What area is God calling you to reach out?

There is something so unique and so beautiful about YOU, this world needs EVERY voice for GOODNESS, KINDNESS, MERCY and LOVE.
If your voice is loud and booming, use it.
If it's quiet like a mouse, use it!!

Shine the light you have been given today and start doing the creative best you can with your life today!!!!!

Love you friends!!!

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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Feeling Distressed?!

This season can bring about some stressful times whether its finding the cash to buy gifts or stressing over upcoming events with family. Feeling pressure is something that is a part of life and I believe it's really all about how we react to the pressure and stress.
This morning I came across an excellent verse that got me thinking about what I need to do in times of stress. I'd like to share it with you:
'You let distress bring you to God, not drive you from him. Distress has goaded you closer to God, you're ;
More Alive,
More Concerned,
More Sensitive,
More Reverent,
More Human,
More Passionate,
More Responsible. '

What an image. To me it clearly paints a picture of how in stressful times or times of distress if we allow it to draw us closer to God instead of pulling us away from him he can make something beautiful out of it. Drawing closer to God in times of stress changes our focus outward and he can then shape our perspective. He can give us an awareness of people around us who may also be facing similar things that we can come along side each other and help each other out.
Whereas the opposite can also be true if we turn inward in times of distress we run the risk of becoming;
Less Alive,
Less Concerned,
Less Sensitive,
Less Reverent,
Less Human,
Less Passionate,
Less Responsible.
I don't know about you but something about that sounds robotic to me.
I believe if we take all those things that give us stress and bring them to God and allow it to deepen our relationship with him we can become more alive than we ever dreamed possible!!
Love you friends, have a great day!!

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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Beautiful Snow

The wonderful thing about winter is that even my yard is beautiful, I hate not having a completed yard, we've lived here for almost two years and I have no grass, no yard, just weeds. In winter I'm not worried what the neighbours will think about our weeds, I'm not wondering if people drive by and stare at our unkempt yard between two beautiful yards, for a few months we all look the same.
Do you know that God looks at each one of us that way, even though the dirt and weeds and the mistakes of our lives are glaringly obvious as the weeds on my yard on a bright summers day, he sees beyond that and sees the beauty he created us to be and his love covers our dirt like a fresh blanket of snow.
He sees each one of us and loves us equally despite what we are hiding underneath.
He doesn't look at the person to the right or to the left of us and love them more because they are more 'holy' or say and do all the right things. He looks at each one of us and sees his child whom he so desperately loves and wants a relationship with.
No matter how messed up or how great you think you are loved without a shadow of a doubt RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, RIGHT AS YOU ARE, RIGHT NOW!!
Love you friends and stay warm :D!!

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Sunday, December 01, 2013


Ever find yourself with a heavy heart? Times when it feels like there are more thoughts than words, more worries than praises, more tears than joy?

I am here to tell you there is hope. When I was going through an incredibly difficult season in my life I ached on the inside, and often when I wanted to pray nothing came out because I didn't know how to put into words exactly what it was I was feeling and exactly what it was I was needing.
Till one day I came across this verse and let me tell you it set me free, for me it was just another glimpse at how much God loves us and understands the road we are on and it still touched me deep within when I read it...'Meanwhile, the moment we get tired in the waiting, Gods Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don't know how or what to pray, it doesn't matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans.'
I hope that set someone free today as it did for me, we don't always need the perfect words to articulate a prayer to God he cares sooooo much for you. He understands that sigh and that aching groan.
Now when I'm facing something difficult and I truly have no words and a groan is all that comes out I silently say "Lord you know exactly what that me...."
So don't be so hard on yourself if your prayer isn't eloquent, just trust that he hears it all; the eloquent, the groan, the sigh, his name Jesus....AL OF IT!! He hears you TODAY!!
Love you friends!!

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