Monday, November 25, 2013

Worship Is What??

Dictionary has a definition in part of it being adoration, devotion, praise, thanksgiving, respect,honour, and esteem.

So today as I was reading I came across this 'God takes particular pleasure in acts of worship- a different kind of sacrifice- that take place in the kitchen and workplace and on the streets'

So if we take that verse and then the definition and put them together here is what I get...

God sees you when you are devoted to your family preparing meals, making sure your family is fed, changing diapers and doing laundry.

God sees you when you when you respect your co-workers and use integrity in the board room.

God sees you when you offer encouragement to the grocery clerk, when you walk the streets of your every day life, wherever that is, being an encourager and esteeming others higher than yourself.

These my friends are all acts of worship unto God!!!

Don't take for granted how much God loves and appreciates the simple things as well, it's not all about how much time you are reading the Bible, how much you are praying sometimes it is the simple things that can glorify and worship your creator in a mighty way!!

I love you friends and I pray as you go about your day that your life can be a walk of adoration to the one who loves you most!!!

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