Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why Social Media

Why do I share my thoughts on social media?

Well like many of you I have struggled in my life, different seasons left me feeling different things; wondering if I could make it another day, concerned about my kids, walking through a difficult circumstance in marriage, feeling alone, confused about friendships, coming out of a difficult illness and many more I could list and yet during each and every one of those times WORDS helped me.

Whether it was encouraging words from somebody or something I read I've realized words are powerful and they can make a difference.

So whether you get frustrated with my posts and skip past or whether you appreciate them I do it for the one, the one who needs to be encouraged, because of all that I've been given I choose to give.

I don't and will never pretend to have all the answers but I know the one who does and that is why I will do my best to continue pointing you to the one who has helped me through it all and has never let me down, Jesus!!

Love you and hope you have an awesome week!!

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