Thursday, November 21, 2013

Who Are You Listening To?

Yesterday I shared a story with you about not listening to the voices around you but listening to God when he is saying 'Trust me', today I want to share another story with you.
It is the story of a blind man wanting sight and he heard that Jesus was walking by with a crowd of people so he started yelling to get his attention and many tried to hush him up so he yelled louder till Jesus stopped in his tracks and called the man to him and said 'Your faith has saved you and healed you'.
Here we see it again if he had listened to the people who were trying to hush him and hadn't been persistent would he have gotten his breakthrough?!
I'm not saying we need to beg and plead with God till he hears us I don't believe that's the point of the story I believe the point if the story is that we need to be strong when people around us are telling us to hush.
Any area of breakthrough you are believing for whether it's for a broken relationship, for health, whatever it is stay strong and don't listen to the voices around you telling you to give up.
Notice Jesus said "Your faith has saved and healed you" he didn't say 'my faith''s not about amping up your faith till God moves it's just about having the faith period, it's not an amount, it's believing HE can. How did this man know Jesus could? Because he heard the stories of how he healed many many others, same can be true for us, spend time getting to know Jesus and you will also believe anything is possible!!
Keep on pushing through when it seems the world is screaming at you to stop!!
You are so loved!! Have an awesome day!

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