Friday, October 25, 2013


Joshua was leading the people around the walls of Jericho, God commanded them to be quiet and not speak a word as they walked around the wall seven times and then after they had obeyed, God commanded them to shout and the walls came tumbling down.
I believe sometimes God asks us to do the same thing today, He asks us not to speak of all the problems we are facing but to instead be quiet and keep on walking. Then there comes a time when He asks us to SHOUT!! Lift up our hands in praise and worship to the king of kings and then He does what only He can do and cause the barriers, the strongholds and the things that have had us bound to come tumbling down just as the walls of Jericho did!!!
Praise God!!
Whatever you are facing no matter how difficult it may be God has victory in store for you.....will you trust Him today and believe He has a perfect plan for you, sometimes it just takes us shutting up long enough to understand what He is doing before we can shout!!!
Love you friends!!

**notice also their victory hadn't come yet, they were acting in obedience and shouting out in victory before the walls fall down!! Worshipping and praising in victory is easy it's praising before we see victory that is the real challenge and yet God met them right there and the walls fell down!!!! Hallelujah!!

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