Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Where Are We Going?! ~ Lessons from Rex

It was a  beautiful day out, sun was shining and the temperature is finally warming up and so off I went for a walk and decided to take Rex with me, he was thrilled.

We have a walking path that we regularly take when we go for family walks and this is the route I took, Rex wagging his tail happily attached to his leash walking right along side me stopping now and then to sniff his surroundings.

We get to the end of the path, the point when walking as a family we turn around and head back home but when I'm out for the sake of exercise I like to walk further than that point, this is where Rex lifts his head and looks at me as if to say 'aren't we turning around?'  I give his leash a gentle tug and we keep walking.  Now we are on a different path and I notice something really interesting, Rex's tail is now slightly down, not wagging as excitedly and every 5 or 6 steps that I take he stops and turns around to look at where we came from.  He did this for the first half mile that we walked, every 5 to 6 steps stopped and turned around, each time I would give him a gentle tug and we kept on walking.  About half way through he fell in step beside me and no longer turned around but instead kept looking up at me to see if I was still there.  When traffic came I would pull Rex close to me so that he could be kept safe from the danger.

As I was walking I was reminded of my walk with Jesus, there are familiar paths that I am used to walking with Him where we can walk side by side, me happily in step beside Him knowing where we are going and how this will end up, then there are the times in my life where He is asking me to take a different path and I'm not sure that I can.  I walk a few paces behind Him stopping every now and then to look back to where I came from knowing that its safe back there,  not knowing whats up ahead I long to go back.  Yet He gives me a gentle tug as if to say 'Louise I am here, you are safe, I know where we are going....TRUST ME'.

This is where I have the choice just like Rex, to continue lagging behind and looking back longing to go back or I can walk alongside my Jesus and fall in step with Him and His leading, and when I am unsure I can look up at Him for reassurance knowing that He has the absolute best for me in mind.  Sure we may come against dangerous situations where I need the safety of the shelter He gives but He promises to see me through. He wants me to trust Him and know that no matter what He wants me beside Him, not continually looking back at my life and the areas that I think are 'safe' but rather to be in the present walking alongside Him, also looking forward to the future with anticipation and hope knowing He has already been to where we are going and I can fully trust in Him.

Just goes to show you that no matter where you are in whatever situation you are in God can use something as simple as your relationship with your dog to give you gentle reminders and a glimpse
of His love for you!

I hope you are blessed today and begin to see hope in your future as you trust in Him today!!

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