Monday, May 06, 2013

Creation In You and Me

I stand in awe of the new images that come out regularly from the Hubble Space Telescope, they make new discoveries daily, images are shot of stars and galaxies never seen by the human eye before.

The other day I saw a picture of one I thought to myself, wow these are only being discovered now?!?!  I know many, many, many years ago at the beginning of time when God created the heavens and the earth He placed these stars in the sky as Genesis 1 talks about and He NAMED them as Psalms 147;4 points out.  He placed them in the sky and they are only being discovered by humans now with incredibly high powered telescopes up in space, truly amazing!

So of course being the over thinker I am, I sat there thinking, why did He place the stars there?! Light years away, where they may never be discovered?  I mean if it was me I would show them off  from the first day I made them and thankfully I am not God!! I believe He placed them there purely for His own enjoyment, when you see pictures of these amazing things its easy to imagine God sitting back looking at what He had made with a smile on His face loving the beauty of it all and then knowing that thousands of years down the road humans would discover these wonders and those that don't believe in God, would possibly question His existence and do some searching of their own, and for those that do believe in God it would be another solid reminder of His glory.  In Revelation 4:11 it talks about God creating things for His pleasure, He wasn't concerned about the human race discovering them, He created what pleased Him!

As I sat there looking as this picture and kind of chuckling to myself imagining the smile on Gods face, I heard the still small voice ' I have placed magnificent creation into each one of my children. Something great and wonderful that may not be seen by the world, but I see it and it makes me smile.'  When He sees us He sees us the way He created us to be, not the way that we are!  He wants to be in relationship with us so that we can discover our uniqueness our own gifts and abilities and to get free from the hurt, the bondage and pain to ultimately begin to see ourselves the way He sees us. 

We are His amazing creation, made for His pleasure!

WOW, He not only made us in His likeness and image as Genesis 1 talks about, but inside every one of us is a beautiful creation and when we discover this HIS glory is revealed. 

From the beginning of time He knew each and every one of us, called us by name and knew when we would walk out our time here on earth and placed a bit of creation in each of us to impact this world, to make a difference, to love His people and to point all hands back in praise to Him our wonderful magnificent creator!

It is truly overwhelming isn't it?  From the beginning of time He had YOU and ME in mind!!

We are not a mistake, no matter what the circumstances of our birth, we were created in this time and space for such a time as this!!

How then can any one of us doubt our worth?
How then can anyone of us look in the mirror and hate what we see?
How can we live without hope? 

That discovery alone that we are made with a plan and a purpose from the time of creation, for today in this time that we are walking the earth, can send us forth each and everyday on a journey of discovery, following Him and the path He has placed before us on the great adventure we call our life!

Lord, I pray that people would catch a vision of your hope for them today,
that they would realize the uniqueness you have placed into each one of them 
a piece of creation from the beginning of time
that you also smile at how wonderfully they were made 
and when they discover how much you love them and that at the beginning of time you had them in mind that they can begin to SHINE for you just as the stars in the sky!

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