Monday, April 29, 2013

Lessons from Rex

Its amazing what my dog Rex has taught me, I would never have thought that wrapped up in this small canine
would be many lessons about life, love and my relationship with God.
One such moment happened the other day, you see sometimes I get lazy and I let my dog go outside without being tethered to his chain, once he recognizes his freedom he bolts. Off he goes to explore the neighborhood, running through puddles, running through peoples yards, exploring the open road all very exciting in the moment for this little dog.  He gets filthy, caked with mud and wet from running through the puddles, after a while he becomes hungry and tired and when it comes time for him to find his way home he doesn't stop and ask himself, 'I wonder if they will take me back, I wonder if they will still love me'. He also doesn't look at himself and say ' Wow I should really clean myself up before I go home.' Instead he comes running up to the front door barking letting me know he is back, trusting that I will open the door for him and that I will do a much better job of cleaning him than he could ever hope to do on his own.
When I opened the door to my now very dirty dog Rex with his tail wagging I felt a gentle nudge inside as if God was telling me clear as day 'If only my children could be like this little dog, after running away and getting caught up in some of the filth the world has to offer that they can always run back to my open arms, and that I am ALWAYS there ready for them and that they don't have to first clean themselves up but that I will accept them just as they are.'  
To be honest I cried as I scooped up my dirty puppy in my arms because of this simple yet extremely profound image God had given me of His love for each and every one of us.  I then had the patience to clean my puppy and see this relationship in a new light, one of the gentle saviour who wants us to approach him with boldness along with all our filth and garbage and give it ALL to him and allow him to do a work in us, cleaning our hearts and minds through a loving relationship with him. 
The love of God is so amazing, he longs to be in a relationship with each and every one of us and not just to change us but to show us the love he has for us!! If you are hurting or feeling as if you are to messed up and that he could never possibly forgive you for what you've done  please remember the picture of a loving father with his arms OPEN WIDE waiting for you to run into his arms so that he can comfort you, forgive you and love you. 
He is loving you every single moment of every single day it is only up to you to receive it!!
Open your heart to him today, you won't be disappointed!!


Conrad Hoeppner said...

Very true. To think we can "clean" ourselves to earn righteousness is to say that Jesus didn't do enough for us on the cross. Love the "Lessons from Rex".

Jody said...

I love this picture you've painted Louise. Thank you! I am so in need of this now as I feel pretty muddy and undeserving sometimes...

Louise said...

Never ever forget that picture of him with his arms open wide!!! He loves you sooooo much you are worth His time and His love no matter what !!(((((Hugs)))))

Andrea said...

what a great analogy!