Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Importance of Digging Deep

This week has been tiring; a struggle to keep my mindset positive.  We are currently building a house ourselves, since ours sold quickly we have been living at my parents about going back in time.  That's a story for a different day. 
Back to our house build last week the excavator came and dug the hole for our future home. Then my hubby and I had framed out the footing all around so that it could be poured with concrete, we spent hours measuring and remeasuring my hubby spent hours digging. Then it rained.
Many sides of the dirt caved in and crushed and filled the footing.  To say it was frustrating is an understatement. 

We had to start digging out by shovel....

We spent many frustrating, tiring hours.

We spent days.

Often in silence.

As I literally had my hands in the clay God slowly began showing me the importance of a firm foundation. Believe me I didn't want to hear it! I wanted to blink and see it DONE but gently He showed me an important  message;
Take the time to build a firm foundation.
Take the time to remove the crumbly dirt and hit the hard clay. 
Take the time to take the extra measurements to make sure the foundation will be correct.

Through the frustration and at times anger I could see it, I could see the message plain as day;

The world always wants the 'quick' fix . Pray JESUS JESUS where are you when I need you ?! 
Not that He is not there, but again this is what He showed me,
Take the time to get to know Me, Jesus.
Take the time to study my Word, the Bible.
Take the time to pray, just talk to me. 
These are things make up a firm foundation.
We live in a world where at anytime the sides can come caving in.  Someone you trusted turns their back on you and spreads nasty things, a parent disowns you, a child walks away from Jesus, an illness, all these things can either cause one to fall apart or dig deep and stand on the firm foundation that is built over time by getting to know the one who absolutely loves you the most and that is Me,Jesus Christ.

Although all I really wanted WAS to take the 'quick fix' route and blink and see it all completed I know that the hours I spent there God was building something in me. A renewed sense of who He is and the importance of daily building on the foundation that He has promised to be if we only allow Him to be.

I know this is only the beginning of our build and I am sure I will learn a lot through the process. I know that no matter what whether its many ups or downs, He has a plan for this home.  Patience will become the key to seeing this process through yet I am excited to see what else He wants to teach me through this process.

God Bless!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"From the Darkness Shines A Light....."

Lately it seems that the pressures of the world having been pushing from all directions; a father in law diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment, a friend experiencing the loss of her dear brother far to early in life, another friend having her adoptive child being taken back by the birth parents, an attack on marriages all around and general struggles with various relationships.

Its easy to be overwhelmed with the pain, the hopelessness and the suffering and I admit there are times when I am just that, overwhelmed. I experience the pain so deeply that at times it feels my heart is literally breaking, its like I am getting a tiny tiny glimpse of the compassion God must feel towards those experiencing the direct affect of the hurt and suffering.  So how do I move forward amidst the heartbreak?!

I know I must and I will.

For God SO loved that He gave....He GAVE that is my answer. That is what I must do, I must give of myself, of what I have.  My time, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on,unconditional forgiveness whatever it takes to those hurting and also share the HOPE that can only be found in HIM.  He is only one who can truly soothe a broken heart and dry the tears of the mother aching to hold her child one more time or the pain and suffering that comes with cancer treatment or the separation that comes with strained relationships.  He IS the answer, He IS the reason I must move on and fill my life with HOPE once again.

After all in only takes a tiny light to bring light into the darkness, I pray that I may always have the light to carry. When I feel as though the light is dimming that courage and faith would come from a relationship with my Saviour Jesus Christ to fan the flame brighter and brighter.

I fail... I fail each and everyday. Whether it be as a mother, friend, daughter or wife in some way or another I fail but there is always HOPE.  Each and everyday is a new day to start again and I must do what I can to shine the light in the darkness.

I pray in some way, my prayers are making a difference to those hurting.

For now I ache with those hurting and know deep within that JOY comes in the morning!!

"I will remain confident in this I will see the goodness of the Lord, I put my hope in him, He is the EVERLASTING God " lyrics from Everlasting God