Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have been on a rampage of sorts going from room to room getting rid of the junk, putting some stuff in storage and organizing the rest.  This has been somewhat of a liberating experience.

The reason why I am doing this is that we are thinking of selling our house, and in order to have anyone come through and have a look at our place we basically need to clear out the house and remove anything that is unpleasing to the eye.

As I have gone around decluttering I am realizing something else, there is a decluttering that needs to go on inside of me.  I know I have allowed 'stuff' in that isn't really helping me out in life.

Take for example all the images that we see on tv or magazines of the 'perfect' woman, well I have been doing way to much comparing lately of myself to those images and finding that I fall far to short and then in turn put myself down and make myself feel as though I don't measure up if I can't look like that. That insecurity can absolutely go into the bin labeled 'junk'.  I know that I will never be one of those women and I am unique and different and even though I can work on being a healthier version of me it is not something to be obsessed about and be my only goal in life.

Another example is fear, I have allowed fear to creep in.  This is so deadly; fear of the future, fear of lack, fear that my children won't turn out, fear that I am a horrible mother etc.  I could go on and on because quite frankly once fear is let in, it can be all consuming.  Fear is another one that will be tossed in the 'junk' bin.  I know that God is good and that He wants the best for me and even though I will go through trials and stuff along the way He will always be there beside me and there is nothing I should fear.

There I am walking through my house I have those gentle reminders of what I have let in, stuff that is now cluttering my thinking, my hopes and my dreams and they end up making me feel lonely and in despair.  I know that is not how God wants me to live my life, I know better than to let these things in and yet I get busy living life. I get busy and think I can go on a weekly or bi-weekly dose of God and His word instead of starting everyday with a good dose of Him. If only I allowed Him to wash me clean everyday and allowed Him daily to point out areas where I have let something in that shouldn't be there.  I am not perfect and I openly admit my laziness and busyness. That is how I end up here and know that without that daily dose of God life is not filled with the peace I long for.

So of I go to declutter my home in hopes of making it appealing to those who walk through the front doors. But first I need to go to THE ONE who knows me better than anyone else in this world and get a good decluttering on the inside so that what comes out of me can also but appealing and uplifting to those around me. I've already got a few bins full........

Have a great day everyone :) !