Friday, June 04, 2010

The Power of a Cheering Squad

Wow its been a while since I posted, busy mom stuff, life in general, and a lot of taking kids to soccer practice and games.  That is how this post came about. Sitting at a soccer game the other day as I was watching my oldest son Noah play I noticed the amount of cheering going on, parents cheering on their kids, siblings cheering on siblings, omas cheering for their grand kids(loudly I might add), team-mates ......well you get the point.  I noticed something in that moment, the team thrived when they heard the cheering, they got an extra bit of energy to push and see the play through.

Then today as I was standing at Noah's track meet and all the kids were competing the cheering was amazing, quite loud actually it was awesome.  Noah even commented, ' the best event to take part in is the relay at the end of the day, because the whole school is cheering for you.'

Something struck me again at that moment, the kids swelled with pride and did not want to disappoint.  Got me thinking to life, how many of us could use someone to cheer us along.  Pick us up when we fall and give us words of encouragement no matter what the circumstance.  Saying things like 'Keep on going, you can do it, don't give up, you are almost there, your team is with you'. If you happen to score a goal ,'yeah I knew you could do it' and then they celebrate with you.  

I think deep inside each and everyone of us is a desire to be cheered on, a desire to know that someone is standing with us, willing to go along side us and cheer us on through the good plays in life and the plays in life where we fall and may even hurt ourselves.  Everyone young and old wants to go this journey of life with companions especially positive companions.

There are also the people that sit on the sidelines jeer and poke, making negative comments consistently and never encourage the good plays. In our culture I think that those voices speak loud enough, we don't need anymore negative reinforcement!!

I can't help but think how many kids would have improved behavior if the parents were their biggest fans? How many teens would stay away from the temptations of drugs and alcohol?  How many marriages could be saved?  How many seniors could walk around with a joyful smile on their face?  IF only....if only someone would come along side them and cheer them on and help them through the good and bad times of life telling them with words and showing them with actions that THEY ARE NOT ALONE.

I get that just the cheering may not change the circumstance but with God and a great positive cheering section I think that this world could see a whole lot of change.  This takes action, not thinking about yourself and making movement to come alongside someone in need and cheer, cheer your heart out, loudly letting them know that no matter what they have someone there beside them.

Who are you going to cheer for today, and will they know that you are on their side??