Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Makes My Eyes Water....

These were the words I heard from my son as he shared with me how on his walk home from school he shared Jesus with some friends.  These friends asked questions and he answered as best as he could.  He shared how they talked about heaven and about Jesus and how He loves us all, this was the point where I could see his eyes well up and he stopped and said 'talking about this is making my eyes water'.

At this point so were mine.  My heart swelled not only with pride but also with a deep sense of knowing that this kid will be okay in life.  See I have been hard on him about who he chooses as friends and making good choices, being sure that he wouldn't have bad influences in his life never really realizing that HE could be the influence, a good one.  At age nine he has an incredible heart for those that don't know Jesus and I actually never thought (I will admit guilt here) that he would openly share his beliefs with those kids, yet here he was standing before me eyes watering telling me how he did in fact have the boldness to do just that. 

He was visibly moved, his heart so tender, his desire so strong that these kids know the love of Jesus.  He wants so badly for them to have a relationship with the Jesus he knows, he has invited them out to church.
I am in awe of my son and his guts to step out of his comfort zone and take the risk of appearing 'uncool' to share what he believes.  I far to often fall into the trap of keeping to myself for fear of what others may think of me.

As I sat there listening to my son I was being taught a valuable lesson, God's love is to be shared with everyone and our hearts need to be sensitive to the voice of God when He is leading us to share His love with someone else, push aside the fear and step out of our comfort zone.

It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about this chat, I am so thankful that I am able to learn from people young and old.  I pray that I am always open to these lessons and then have the boldness to live it out!!


Kathy Veenstra said...

What a great kid. If only we could all be so bold for Christ!

Wanda said...

Thank you, thank you and thank you!! Louise God's timing is so wonderful it has brought tears to my eyes.

I am teaching a MasterLife study with a group of women. Our Pastor's wife is one in the class and she ask if her 11 year old daughter could attend with her. Of course I said yes.

This is a Discipleship class with and we have been discussing witnessing.

How perfect to have your son's testimony to share tonight with my ladies, and especially Kiana who is so tender like your son and want to share Christ with her friends.

The Bible says..... and a child shall lead them....

Praise God for Children!!!!

Katie Bodsworth said...

How wonderful! My five year old goes to nursery where he sings "Jesus songs" to his friends. He is very concerned that not everyone at school is friends with Jesus! I wish I could get him to be as concerned about his own faith as that of his friends...

Rose said...

Beautiful...he is being the Ezra that you named him after but of course a much crazier...funny kid who will do great things and people will listen because of his natural gift of having people want to listen to him!!!

He is so Blessed!!! You are so blessed to call him your son!

I pray that my Boys will be bold for Jesus as well and I can tell them about their cousin Ezra. How bold he is...what a great example he is for his younger cousins and older not to mention his Aunti's and Uncle's!!!

You're an awesome Mom!!!

svea said...

soo so precious louise, what a blessing!