Friday, March 26, 2010


The other day upon closer inspection of my underwear as I was 'wasting' some time I noticed the fabric contents and it stated there was 7% spandex and 93%nylon. Really of no significance at all until it dawned on me, hey I need the 7% spandex in the fabric so that my underwear stays on my body otherwise there would be some serious issues with this pair of undies.

As I was thinking more about this I thought , how strange that you only need a little bit of something for it to go a long way. Then I thought about my life and about how much time I am giving to the things around me, am I only giving just enough, the 7% required in order for it to 'stick' with me?

Brings me to my relationship with God, He in fact wants all of me, not just a percentage and how often do I say to Him, 'sorry I only got 10% that you can have today, maybe tomorrow will be a better day'. When He in fact in His still quiet voice is saying, give me your all and only then will you find the peace and happiness that you are longing for.

Often I think I can do everything on my own and when I become desperate only then do I reach out for help and give Him what is left instead of going to Him in the beginning and leaving ALL my cares and concerns at His capable feet and then rest in His loving arms. I so long to give God all my 100% knowing I won't lack in any area because I know that He cares for me and He truly wants the best for me.(Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, they are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope.)

So today as I go about my day I want to remember to daily surrender my all to Him and not just enough'.... and to think these thoughts all started with a pair of pink undies.

God you are so good and faithful to reveal yourself even in the small things, today I am grateful for your love, your blessings and the peace that you offer me when I surrender my all to you.

Friday, March 05, 2010


How many of you out there are like me, you love to make decisions when they are easy, when they require little or no sacrifice? It's the decisions that require me to move out of my comfort zone into the unknown that are decisions that I may shrink away from.

What if this decision you know is the right one ,does it make it any easier?

In my case I don't think those decisions are necessarily 'easy' ones. For me the decisions that I know are right and require sacrifice are the tough ones. An important decision that will leave me without doing so much of what I want to do, that requires I have to give something up, is tough...seems selfish? It is selfish yes.

In one particular decision I am making there will be sacrifice, and yet I know there will also be reward. There will be a full reliance upon God, which is a good thing, and I know that He can do more than I can even ASK, THINK or IMAGINE(Eph 3:20).....isn't that incredible? Even though my flesh may not be in agreement my spirit is at peace. That is how I know the decision is the right one, however tough it may be.

Decisions are the crossroads in life, where there can be incredible growth, depth of insight and learning. Even though they may not be easy and require sacrifice on my part I believe that as long as I follow the peace of God in my decisions I am making the right ones.

Thank-you God today for being with me when I am making important decisions, it is only with you and through you that I know life is worth living. You alone can bring a peace that passes all understanding and today I trust and fully rely on you that you work all things for the good of those that love you. Praising you today Father ~ yours always ME

The doors we open and close everyday decide the lives we live. Flora Whittemore