Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bits and Pieces of Life

Summer is flying by and I am hanging on to the last little bits hoping that they won't slip through my fingers, I am not ready to see what is on the other side of summer~ school, schedules, fall and then the dreaded winter months ahead. So I am taking each day in stride, enjoying my kids and the outdoors as much as possible.

The other day I took the kids out to pose for their 'fall/school pictures' they turned out fantastic and I was thrilled that they went along with it, you see at times me and the camera in their face can become somewhat annoying for them, yet this time they were good sports. Ezra and Keziah are a hoot, each time they heard the shutter click they changed their poses, all I had to do was press the button, fun kids. As I was proofing the pictures I became very emotional, looking at these three kids and realizing that time doesn't and won't ever stand still, that they are growing up. Each day getting closer to the time they leave the safety of home. I know that the time will come soon enough but it really gave me an renewed appreciation for what I have in each of those three individuals, I feel incredibly blessed.

Out of the 279 pics that I took(crazy I know) here are a few :

Only two weeks till they head back to school, looking forward to that time and enjoying sleeping in till then :)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Angel Hair

A while ago my daughter heard that people donate their own hair to help make wigs for people that have lost their hair due to cancer or other ailments.
After she heard that she wanted to help, so today was the day.
She cut 10 inches off of her hair to donate.

Here is the before picture :

Then during the cutting of the ponytails:

Then after it was all done:

The new hairstyle :

I think she is sweet, hair will always grow back and what she did showed so much kindness. I am proud of my girly and her willingness to help.

Here is more info on the organization if you want to help!!