Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Great Week

There is a popular saying that goes like this " If life hands you lemons, make lemonade". Well this week the saying went something like this for our family " When spending a week at the lake and the weather is bad, use your imagination". That is exactly what my Noah did this week along with Papa and Keziah they built their very own raft and then took it sailing on the lake.
It was so neat to see my boy so very proud of his creation, he had a permanent smile on his face watching it float around.
Even though the weather was bad all week at the lake, we managed to have a great week spending time in close quarters. Lots of reading, games, walks in the rain and TV, and most importantly the kids had time with their granna and papa it was a quiet week but everyone needs those too :) . I had a great time with my in-laws they are such a blessing in our lives and the lives of my kids, we all get spoiled!

Coming home to a spotless house was wonderful, my mom surprised me by coming over while we were gone and cleaning my whole house, doing all my laundry and there were 10 jars of fresh strawberry/ rhubarb jam in my fridge and a new rug and my front door fixed. Such an incredible blessing!! Gotta love parents : ) !! Mine are truly the best!!


andrea said...

nothing quite like family! you are so rich with the love of your family! love making those memories!

Andrea said...

now THOSE are amazing parents!!

Wanda said...

Just precious....

Mike said...

Love the imagination.

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