Sunday, July 26, 2009

Celebrating the Curviness in all of Us

A recent interesting conversation had us discussing what was considered beautiful, we came to somewhat of a conclusion that in American culture skinny model-types are what our culture finds beautiful and in many other cultures around our world women with 'a little bit more' are the picture of beauty.

Well this is somewhat disconcerting for someone like me who can't just pack up and leave and move to a different part of the world where my curves are appreciated by popular culture.

So imagine my shock when I read an interview with an actor named Michael Vartan a handsome cutie, seen in movies like Monster in Law and in the popular TV series Alias, well they were asking him 5 Reasons Women Make Life So Much Sweeter. This was his reason #4 Your Curves are Captivating ~ "I don't get where being rail-thin became attractive. Most guys I know like curves. I've been fortunate enough to work in small rural parts of America and the women there are real women. There is nothing sexier than a woman walking down the street who happens to be overweight but doesn't care and owns it. That's so refreshing and sexy and empowering because its and attitude, a part of her being and soul that can be seen just walking down the street. It's really cool. I love women who have the confidence to be who they are."

After I read that I nearly sang the entire rendition of the Hallelujah chorus not because I feel that Michael Vartan is the voice of reason but rather it was one voice although quiet needs to be heard by millions of women in our culture that are longing for comfort in their curves.

Thank goodness for a hubby who also embraces my curves with a smile( that sounds slightly kinky) well you know what I mean. I can now stand up with a even more confidence and celebrate 'my God -given, cheeseburger enhanced curves' and not be ashamed of all that I am.

Do I hear an Amen ladies (and men)? Continue on in your ventures to better health but enjoy every step along the way knowing that you truly are beautiful no matter what our popular culture may try to tell us. No matter what size you are, be who YOU ARE and celebrate the beauty that comes from inner confidence!!! Now go ahead do your strut.....oh to be a fly on the wall ;) .

**quote in interview from First magazine, August 3,2009


LiLi said...

AMEN SISTA!!!!! The town is never going to be the same once we all start a strutting our stuff!!!! I am reading a book right now almost the same story line...I will give it to you when I am done :):)

Josephine said...

Oh Yeah! Fat and All That! I think I'm gonna use that quote!

Nadine said...

Well I love his answer.

I love my hubby who also loves the curves - good thing, because I got plenty.

Kathy and Carl said...

God created us all shapes and sizes, and I'm glad that I have more on me to love and squeeze! Thanks for the encouragement.

andrea said...

...i'm strutting! :)
great post...and a great reminder!

ValleyGirl said...

As much as it's nice to hear, and as much as I believe it is what's on the inside that really counts, I think we need to be cautious that we don't use that mentality to excuse a life of indulgence. It's a slippery slope. It's great as a practise for not judging other books by their covers, but I'm not convinced it's okay when we're using it as material to write our own books.

Anonymous said...

Great comment ValleyGirl. I agree, it's a fine line.

Louise said...
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Louise said...

Dear Anonymous
I have not excused woman to an all out eating fest to get fat. I think I clearly stated that as well as being healthy and taking care of ourselves not all of us are a size two and we should celebrate wherever we are at right now while still striving to be healthy for some that clothing size will always be bigger than a 2 or even an 8. The world already screams at women to be a size two or you aren't good enough. I thought it would be refreshing to see a different point of view. That coming from me, who has actually dealt with a self image struggle in regards to weight because of the 'stuff' that the world is pressuring women to be and is in a constant process of striving for better health.
Thanks for your comment again I want to stress my point was not to go out and binge eat and if you read it that way that was not my intent.
Have a great day.

raisingbabies said...

I absoloutely loved this post! I'd love to read more on this subject as this is one thats so close to all women!