Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MOMENTS to Remember

This weekend I got to know a little guy with the most beautiful smile that melts my heart and a twinkle in his eye that creates a longing inside of me to want to be a child again. I met a little girl whose laugh lights up a room, whose eyes are the most amazing hue of blue that pierce your heart. These two are my niece and nephew, my brother flew out for a visit I have not seen them 1.5 years and that is a long tim
e when it comes to children, it took time for them to get to know me and I finally got little Blakey-Boy on my side just in time for them to leave again.

So many emotions were felt for me during this time of visiting, I longed to visit and share with my brother the way it had always been, I longed for complete family unity and seeing my family together and happy and lastly I longed for a memory to be created that would last a life-time not only for the kids but for the family here as well.

Here is what I can tell you, I did get to re-connect with my brother, not so much in heart to heart speaking but rather in time and in emotions felt through hugs a language much deeper than words. I did get to see family unity, a mother and son coming together also with words unspoken. A father and son spending some time alone together. And last but not least I got to see memories being created that will be taken with me for a lifetime.

Pictures were taken till it felt as though I couldn't take anymore, albums and DVD's were made for the kids so that they wouldn't forget their family here and most importantly peace was shared. I am thankful for so many things but right now most of all for family. A family that loves to laugh, hug and spend time together, it may get rowdy with 10 kids running around but the underlying feeling is love!

(click to enlarge photos)

Me and My brothers, and a small Fathers Day photo shoot.

My Beautiful Niece Amy~ you are a bright light little girl and I love your laugh and your stunning blue eyes.

My Nephew Blakey-Boy I will miss your smile, it really truly melts my heart!
You will be missed!!

Thanks Allan for taking the time to come and visit! Thanks Beck for lending us your family for the week, they are incredibly precious you are so blessed to have them as your family!!
Love you all so very much~

We also celebrated my honey's 39th birthday!!

Conrad you are the love of my life and I can't imagine my life without you!! I pray for many years of health and happiness, love you and can't wait to experience many more exciting moments with you!!

And of course Fathers Day, I am so blessed to have a father who I love so much and is tender, loving and a lot of fun and a Father-in-law that is an amazing grandparent and loves his family and we even get along ;) !!
Love you both!!

God is good and today as I rest my head on the pillow and shut my eyes there may be a few tears because I will miss my brother and his kids but I know without a doubt that I am blessed to be surrounded by the love of family whether near or far.


Rose said...

That was a beautiful post so meaning-full and heartfelt. I think your brothers are all very blessed to have a sister who loves them so. Thanks for all you did this week Louise, the pictures are amazing!!!! I so agree with your comments about the kiddos, they are amazing kids and Al and Beck are doing an amazing job raising them. I know we will all miss them as well and hope we can connect again sooner rather than later. Love you Sister, sleep tight! I'm craving that Quacamole it was so yummy, I will definitely make it

LiLi said...

You have an amazing family that is always welcoming...I love to share time spent with them. A family is something to be truly thankful for as not all families care and love for one is a true blessing!!!

Allan said...

Thanks for making my day and my week Sis! Amy and Blake must have had a memorable time because they are having a difficult time getting back to routine. They love watching the video. Thanks for the gift of your love!!

Brandy said...

OK...this whole post and comment from your brother made me cry. Family is so important and such a blessing, I'm so glad that you got to spend time with your Louise.

Brandy said...


andrea said...

sweet times! you took amazing pictures to savour this family time. you are truly blessed! the video idea!

Wanda said...

What beautiful family pictures. What would we do without out pictures.

Happy Birthday Conrad....can I have a slice of that good looking cake???