Sunday, June 07, 2009

Just Being There

Friday I spent time at Noah's track and field meet in a local town. It was freezing cold for a June day but decided to venture out to see him compete. As I was standing there watching him I found myself getting really emotional and I kept on telling myself 'Louise, seriously why are you tearing up, it is just a track meet with a bunch of kids', yet there I stood tears in my eyes watching my big boy.

His final event was a 100m relay with three other boys and as he ran his portion of the race I stood there screaming and cheering this time seriously welling up on the tears so I texted Conrad and I told him I thought it was crazy that I was crying watching Noah run because it isn't really a 'big -life' event, he quickly texted me back and said 'Louise ,they are all 'big-life' events and you are blessed to be able to share them with him, every moment that you share together is a 'life' moment. So I let the tears trickle and then quickly wiped them away before Noah could see I was so emotional, because afterall how cool would that be to an almost 11 year and his friends.

Living life is a series of 'life' moments strung together to make a lifetime of memories and I feel so blessed to have shared one of those moments with my son.


ValleyGirl said...

Oh, you're SO right! You have a wise husband there, Louise!!

Kathy and Carl said...

Yeah, if we wait for those spectacular moments to be our life moments, we fail to see the ones every moment of every day. Those are the ones worth tearing up over. Gosh, how heart warming!

Wanda said...

Oh Louise you keep stringing those "Life Moment" pearls and you will be the owner of a huge stand of memories that will carry you through all the hard times.

Conrad ~~ wise and thougful hubby!

The picture of Noah is priceless.

Andrea said...

I love your hubby's response. SO TRUE!!

andrea said...

a very precious time...making memories! and such a proud mom moment too! you are such a thoughtful mom!

candypb said...

I guess I have the excuse of being really emotional lately, but you had tears in my eyes. Conrad, of course adds to it with his sting-in-the-heart comment. You are so blessed to be able to see your children experience life and its alway such a jiy to see them succeed.
Love you so much chick. And I'm holding your gift close to my heart.