Thursday, June 04, 2009

Distraction of Comparison

Sitting in a room of friends looking around at everyone my mind can very easily wander and think up all sorts of not-so-positive things. A bunch of 'if-onlys' come to mind, you know what I mean, if only I was as creative as so and so, if only I had such a willingness to help others all the time like so and so, if only I could write as good as so and so, if only I was as smart as so and so. You know those thoughts and those are only the ones that we 'can't physically' see never mind the ones that we can see like someones nice legs, eyes, figure etc. It is so easy to become so wrapped up in what everyone has that we so easily forget what we have to offer.

There is such a negative flow of this in our culture today that we forget that there is a unique contribution to the Kingdom of God that only you or I can make. We are put here for a special purpose that only we can fulfill. That is the whole meaning of the body of Christ, God has placed unique abilities in everyone individually, I am not meant to fill the role of that one person who has such amazing God-given creative abilities in a certain area. So much time and effort is spent in trying to be like everyone else attempting to fill a role that I was never meant to fill. If only each member of the body of Christ could realize that they are here to be a part of the body not the entire body and if everyone does their part the body can function the way it was meant to function. That really helps me let go of all the frustration and the jealousy of trying to be like someone else and conjure up a gift inside of me that I just simply don't have? It really opens up the freedom to encourage someone in the role that they are meant to fill, without feeling like I am any 'less' of a person.

What it really boils down to is that if you are trying to be like everyone else and not doing what God put you here to do, I am missing out. Really, I am missing out, the world is missing out on that unique something that only you can share. There could be a book inside you that someone needs to read, there could be a message inside of you that will change someones life forever, there could be someone waiting to hear a life-changing song that you need to write, there could also be someone looking for the hand of God that only you can extend to them.

So just be you, don't be your neighbor, don't be your best friend, don't be the lady in your church that you admire so much..... Be you, because in God's eyes that IS good !! Don't get me wrong it is important to have good role models in our life but to want to be, just like them, is where I think we go wrong, unless of course that role model is Jesus.

I really didn't mean to get 'my preach on' but I really feel this is an area especially for women that we are battling and I really felt as though someone who reads my blog whether they comment or not needed to hear it. The most important thing I can to say to anyone is that God really loves you, He has amazing plans for your life and if you can catch even a glimpse of your potential in Him today then this post has served its purpose.

Have a great day everyone.


Wanda said...

Oh Louise, you are so on target! We can live in the "If Only" and be completely negative and feel guilt or inferior. Or we can live in the "What ifs" and feel anxiety over what MIGHT happen. Or we can take your advice, and live in the present and just live our lives like Jesus the One and Only.

I see you growing spiritually my dear, and I'm loving it, and continue to pray for you on this marvelous journey called life!

Love and Hugs

andrea said...

thanks for the kick in the!no i'm serious though! a great reminder that God made us all unique and trying to be someone else is not only exhaustive and shallow but so hard to keep've given me lots to think about! (exactly what i'm working thru right now there I guess you wrote this pour moi!)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I think your reminder is justified and Lord knows I myself need to get out of the IF, THEN mode!

Kathy and Carl said...

This sounds exactly what needs to be said. We just talked about being each individuals and having a unique role at our work focus weekend. And I went ah-ha! Then I remembered a seminary prof. telling us that each time someone shies away from being themselves and sharing that with other people, they are actually robbing society of their gifts, their input. And I went ah-ha! again. Goodness, you are just spilling with the things that people need to be reminded of. T-H-A-N-K-S!

p.s. you can get your preach on anytime, sista!

bria erskine said...


svea said...

true true sweet louise. great words. Just wanted you to know i have been thinking about you a lot lately, hope things are well, praying for you too. maybe we can squeeze in coffee before this baby comes =)

Gaby said...

Oh, you go sista' friend! I am so walking that road right now. Enjoying being me and figuring out exactly what God wants that to be. It really is an amazing experience! Keep on encouraging! We do need to hear it!

Andrea said...

I AM THAT PERSON that needed to hear that, Louise!


Rose said...

Norm says "keep your preach on Louise" he is so proud and said you preach it sista! I know I definitely needed to hear that, I constantly struggle with this. Thanks so much for having the guts to say it, God put this on your heart to share, I so appreciate you, good friend and sister! Thanks for letting God work through you, thanks for being that message we needed to hear!!!

raisingbabies said...

I think we women all suffer from the "compring" bug!